Multimedia map of progressive unemployment since 2007

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  1. quietman

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    Once you hit the play button, this will make you think.
  2. danf6975

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    WOW if that dont put things into perspective. i think that should be shown on CNN

  3. BunnyWabbit

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    I wonder why the midwest, Kansas and Nebraska, are the last to change?
  4. petrol

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    what's going on in SW idaho? they are busy.
  5. Dragunov

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    Only problem with this is that real unemployment is actually around 22%. Who are they trying to kid?
  6. grizcty

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    I have seen this before.
    And it is SCARY!
  7. Martin Rage

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    Don't panic people! I am from the government and i am here to help!!!
  8. Ten Man

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    That looked very similar to one of those plague outbreak scenario maps you see in the movies, all the time.

    If you doubled all the listed percentages, it would be closer to the truth, because if you read the fine print, down at the bottom, these figures do not reflect the U6 numbers. The U6 measurement is half way between what the gubmint PR liars report, and what John Williams of reports. John Williams reports the govt. stats as they used to be calculated 30 years ago.
  9. seen it before

    scary, looks like a zombie invasion
  10. DWFan

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    Because these are agricultural, not industrial, states. Lower population density with more stable employment opportunities.
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  11. TGF

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    Conservative business models and low numbers of knowledge workers. Most midwestern states suffer what is known as brain drain. Workers like me that stick around have a job in a bad economy and the pick of 4 or 5 jobs in good economies, or at least that is the common belief around here.

    If any of you play starcraft, I swear its zerg creep.