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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Klaus, Jul 13, 2002.

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    Tourists are nuts to interfere with wild animals

    People are nuts to interfere in this kind of situation. Secondly, they could have been killed if not maimed seriously.

    On the other hand, I'm not in favor of laws which could result in 5-year prison term for each of the two offenses which were placed on the tourist. That's too stiff of a penalty.

    Maybe a court required course to be taken by the tourist where he could learn more about the ways of nature, which would include why the bears should kill natural prey rather than rumaging through trash barrels of humans.


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    That is the maximum penalty. It is up to a judge to determine how much is imposed on these charges.
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    I only think they should keep him locked up untill he's too old to reproduce. What an idiot! Or more correctly bunch of idiots!
  5. Walt Diseny's movie Bambi ouht to be "Banned" !!! Don't those knuckle heads watch FANGS on the Discovery Channel. Micheal Du-mass ought to be fined for Stupidity. Sentenced to bow-hunt a bear and resign his PETA membership.

    Why can't we all just get along? Animals too.
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  6. Man oh man what an idiot. They ought to throw the book at the bum. I hope the bear wasn't hurt to seriously. I also hope that they catch more of the jerks and charge them too.

    Maybe first time visitors to national parks need to attend a half hour long training seminar. They can be taught how nature works, because apparently some of them don't have a clue.

    That or they can just stay at Starbucks and sip their latte's. Sorry but screwing around with nature really tee's me off. I don't care if you hunt, hike, camp, take photo's or just observe, just try to leave no trace and don't abuse the land, plants or animals in the process.

    Yes I hunt and I use what I harvest.
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    Dallas: I agree with most of what you said except giving those charged in this case a five year sentence. Five years for being stupid is more than I think is justified. I'd rather make an attempt to educate the dumb axx after the first offense. Then throw the book at him on any later charges for the same offense.

  8. Oxford I agree -- this idiot made a stupid mistake, but he doesn't deserve jail time. I know you gentlemen don't agree, but oh well --become a PETA member. This is the kind of story that PETA activists will jump on. Who has more rights--animals or humans. If it had been me I would have let the laws of nature take it's course. If you think a bear's life is more important than a person's life--THEN JOIN PETA. Punishment--5000 hours of bear pooper scooping.
  9. Yea I've calmed down some now. I suppose 5 years is a bit much. I like the idea of a stiff monitary fine(doesn't have to be the full amount). I also like the idea of community service time for the offender, say 160 hours (30 days if my math is right). It should of course, if possible, involve something to do with bears in the wild.

    Alan C I'm not sure what your trying to say. I believe that humans have rights and animals don't. But I also believe that animals shouldn't be abused based on human stupidity. If I understood the article correctly there were no humans in danger until they interfered with a natural animal act. Why on earth would I want to join PETA? They're a bunch of over sensitive hypocritical idiots.

    I've worked with several PETA card carriers over the years, anti meat vegetarians, anti fur etc, etc. But they all had leather shoes and belts and leather hand bags or wallets. If you attempt to bring it to their notice they become defensive and will even start name calling. One of them I knew would always eat meat at meals unless her PETA buddies were near, then she became a fundimentalist vegetarian.

    I'm not P.O.'d because the man might have injured the bear. But because he interefered where he had no right to. Education and some practical experience sound as if they ought to do the trick for this guy.
  10. Tomorrow -- it's been a very long day-- My brain is tired. God Bless and good night.
  11. Wow!

    I can only hope the people that attacked the Bear are not that irrational in everyday life.

    It just goes to show how unbalanced the animal rights types are. I hope the next time one of these jerks goes to eat a tofu dog, a crowd assaults them as they did the bear!!!

    I used to work at a large suburban apartment complex, they people there all loved the Geese and ducks that came to play, frolic and raise their young at the ponds.

    The loved seeing the coons and the foxes scrambling about too. Until, one of the Foxes killed several goslings, and the coons were cleaning up the mess.

    They wanted me to remove those horrible animals. Not kill them, but remove them. I laughed at most of them quietly and tried to explain that was the way nature worked. It did no good.

    These people cannot, and will not seperate reality from Disney.

    That is why we as hunters, sportsmen and Gun owners have so much trouble in the big cities. The uneducated that kive there are easily swayed by the warm fuzzy Disney mentality. They all want nature in their lives, but only in levels to suit them. Then when Nature comes in and sits on their face, they don't like what they see.

    BTW, in the movie Bambi, didn't the motherd death get explained as the way of the world? I am unclear here as I saw the movie only once, when I was very young....
  12. The point I ws trying to make last night was why typically the same punishment for assaulting another human being. In other words the animal right activists try to put animals on the same level as human beings. Did I confuse everybody even more?
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    5 years is too much - if he does get that much - but I just wish that bear had been a cub - then we wouldn't be having this conversation, we would be voting him into the Darwin Awards!

    Human right's before animals rights - at least until they can vote and get jobs!
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    The people who attacked the bear are just as stupid as those you see on documentaries who feed an 800 lb grizzly marshmallows one at a time from a bag through a car window.

    I suppose if the idiot would've had a gun he'd have shot the bear to save the deer. What a moron.

    In this state, by law he'd be called a poacher for what he did.

    Personally, I'm losing my tolerance for stupid people who screw things up for the rest of us too often every time they leave their little world to enter ours. Maybe he should be locked up for 5 years. Perhaps then others might consider reading the G*d D*mn law, rather than claim ignorance. I don't like all these rules any more than the next guy, but at least I try to comply. What if everybody just went around doing what they thought was right? We're just getting too much of that reasoning (or lack thereof) lately. People will just sit on a plane hijacked by a handful of whackos and patiently wait for the hijackers to fly it into a bldg without even trying to stop them, all the time thinking that someone else will take care of it for them. Duh? At least some of them got it right.