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  1. Eric

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    Hey guys, I'm new to the AK world kinda (I've owned ALOT, but I've never done any work or modified them). I've never owned one of these new cheap Romanian AKs. My question is, is there enough room in front of the front site base to install an AK muzzle brake? Oh, and is there a quick way to determine if the front sight post is STRAIGHT!!!? TIA!
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  2. Rock

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    Eric, I just put a break on my sar1, from Smith Enterprises it attaches with four set screws works fine. There is about .650 of a inch of barrel in front of the sight, And the only quick way to check if the sight is straight is to eyeball it, mine is off to the left it does not seam to effect the accuracy. They are a cheep little gun but they are fun to shoot I have fired 2000+ rounds through mine with zero prolbems it just keeps on ticken... :assult:

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    A muzzle BRAKE is not really necessary on an AK, since the recoil is pretty low. If you want to put something on it, you could easily fashion a slash cut compensator, like the old AKs had, and braze it in front of the sight. Silver solder should work fine.
  4. i just put a slant brake on mine, really helps the muzzle jump.
    but Klaus is right, recoil isn't really to high, just a lot of muzzle climb.