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    Do muzzle breaks(or is it brake?) on AR-15s even help out felt recoil or muzzle rise all that much? I don't think either are all that bad to begin with. I was kicking around the idea of (a gun smith) putting one on the end of my Bushmaster with a "16 upper. Just a thougt. I saw a couple of different ones offered through the Bushmaster catalog. Since I can't put a flash suppressor there(lousy democrats) I thought a muzzle break might look nice. Never shot an AR with one on and I thought if it would help out, I might put one on, thats all. Does it make the gun louder, cause I have heard some do that. How would that be attatched since it isn't a threaded barrel? Any recomendations on what style of break to get?

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    It is "brake". It reduces recoil. Much of a firearm's recoil comes from the propellant gases expelled from the muzzle along with the bullet. A muzzle brake directs most of the gas at about right angles to the bore. This stops the forward momentum of the gas, and basically pulls the barrel forward, countering some of the recoil. Muzzle brakes will reduce recoil by about a third; the rifle will also seem about twice as loud to people around you because some of the muzzle blast is directed sideways.
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    I've got the Bushy M4 clone with the Mini y comp on it. It has a 14.5" bbl. so you feel the smallest recoil from the .223. But let me tell you , you better wear plugs and muffs cause it's alot LOUDER.
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    I've been thinking about getting the brake offered by Wilson Competion to go on my Bushmaster Dissapator. It's styled like the birdcage flash arrestor, looks good, but I don't want to mess up the accuracy. Anyone had one installed?