My 1943 91/59 "Svetlana"

Discussion in 'Mosin Nagant' started by just_a_car, May 13, 2008.

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    Here's the pictures of one of two of my m91/59's, "Svetlana". She's a 1943 (sister to my 1943 m91/30 ex-sniper) and has a trigger that breaks as cleanly and as lightly as the Tapco G2 trigger on my AES-10.

    My other m91/59, "Ivanova", has been camera shy as of late, but I'll break out the vodka and I'm sure I can get some shots of her cute 1938 curves. :kiss:

    Both of my girls are Izzy "all numbers matching", non-counterbored, and they even have a factory-stamp in the side of their wood buttstock.

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    Very Nice...That is one Model I don't have...

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  4. just_a_car

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    Only one rifle in those pics... don't have pics of my other one yet; as I said in the post.
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    That is a nice looking rifle! Stock looks great!
  7. Very nice JAC. Thanks for the pics.
  8. she's a beauty! make sure you keep her reciever plugged or she'll multiply.
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    very nice! shes a beauty!
  10. M44

    Nice looking rifle especially the markings on the metal.
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  12. Dang thats a nice looking popgun JAC. Now I want one of them too.
  13. One of the best lookin Mosins I've seen JAK, and when there was what, 36,000,000 made, that's saying somethin! lol Thanks for lettin us see your girl, glad you're not the overly jeaous type! lol j/k
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    Thanks for all the compliments!

    I just love how the stock looks and the brass endcaps a great look on her. Definitely one of the best mosins I've ever bought from Big 5. :burnout:
  15. Again. One lucky find... and why we cruise the Big 5's.:werd:
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    :sad:We dont have a big 5
  17. After takeing my new to me Mosin outdoors in the brite sunshine I'm happy to tell it's a 1931 model.
    My neighbor looked at it and said it was 1931 also.

    I've been trying to clean the bore up because it's dirty and I'm tell'in all you that it was a chore !!!

    Right now I have Liquid Wrench soaking in the barrel to try to get some of the lead out.
    The bore has nice rifleing and the neighbor and I agree the rifleing looks great.

    I would like to refinish the stock because all the metal look's excellent and due to the abundance of these rifle's like mine it could'nt possiby ever have any collector value could it ????????

    JAC you also have a mighty fine Mosin too buddy and Thanks for the picture's...A.H
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    A.H. There s no reason not to refinish it if you want to ..The russians did before they exported it !!I try not to use sand paper and sand the stock ,I just use paint stripper and then steel wool(finest you can find).. Go for it buddy !!
  19. Thanks Marion for the info. buddy. Can New wood stock's like the original be bought ?
    Though the stock are fine that's on the gun I'd still like to bump it up a knotch due to the metal parts looking excellent.

    You know I admit I'm well pleased with this slim little rifle and wish I'd got one sooner.
    I still want a M-44 laminate model and held and looked at a hardwood model today the guy I bought the 91/30 from has it and it's for sale.

    None of the number's matched and I pointed that out and he said that's why he didn't give but $45.00 for it.

    I wish I knew if the ammo that he gave me with the purchase is corrosive, I guess I'll have to call him to find out and then ask yall if it's corrosive.

    The case's are a dull green with a painted on silver tip bullet that you can scratch off with your finger nail.

    Thanks all for the comment's...A.H
  20. Tulamosin

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    When in doubt, treat all ammo as corrosive.

    If you post a picture of the ammo and its headstamp, someone should be able to help you find out.