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    I will dedicate my 2000th post to ArkansasHunter. I went through and found some of his posts and decided to compile them in one thread. I'ts kind of a long one so please forgive me. These are the things we loved about AH.
    Personally, I enjoyed his prayers and devotion to God the most. He ALWAYS found a way to bolster my faith. The fact that he couldn't spell worth a hoot endeared him to me even more.

    Read, remember and enjoy:::::::::: That's what he would want us to do!

    Mike was a MIGHTY Man of Faith!
    I believe he probably spent more time on his knees than standing up.
    "God goes on to say the unsaved are on his left to.
    Come Judgement day the sheep (saved people) will be on the right hand of God and the Goats (the lost) will be on the Left hand of God."
    "Cyrano count me in to, to pray for you friend. Just have a little faith and with all these prayers being sent up you'll be fine. Get some rest....Mike"
    "A lot of the problems in the U.S. could be resovlved in a matter of hours.
    We the people of the United States of America need to come to terms with our maker.
    We can discuss, gripe and complain all we want to but honestly NO human being is going to turn this country around know matter who we vote in office.
    Many want do what I'm going to say but it want take the whole population of the U.S. to turn this country around either.
    What we HAVE to do is get on our knee's and pray to the Holy God of the Bible of whom our founding fathers by devine providence in the word of God set up a system that's near perfect.
    Over time our elected have abused it and were finally at a point where it can't go on.
    Don't be decieved God was instrumental in the development of the U.S for a purpose.
    We have to get back to our roots and put God first. That begins with a change of heart that each one of us personaly are going to have to make.
    We have to become blessable or were wasteing our time. Only then will we have normacy, honesty, fairness, accountability, rightousness AND GEATNESS again.
    What are you willing to do ? To help a crippled America. Do you believe in God ?
    Go to Washington, DC and take a tour.
    In years past somebody belived in God enough because Bible scripture is inscribed everywhere you go.
    What are you willing to do ??? What will it take to bring revival to America ???
    "Prayer just sent and praise the Lord he might get to go home !!!!"
    "Hey buddy the prayer warriors are here for you night and day when you need us.
    Thank you for the report and I/us will continue to send prayers up for you.
    See you around here friend...A.H"
    And my PERSONAL favorite......

    "Just part of the last days. Are you ready ?"
    Mike was a great friend to everyone:
    "I am so sorry, my prayers are with you and your family and friends."
    "Terry thanks buddy for a nice story of you and your Dad hunting together. That even brought a tear to my eye's.
    I wish I could of went hunting with my Dad one more time, which happened to be not very often.
    He worked hard to clothe and feed us and gave up hunting because of work around the time I became a teenager, then my cousin Frog came along and took over takeing me hunting with him.
    I'm sure happy to hear you have the mounted rack to remind you of the time(s) with your Dad."
    "I'm gonna make you an Easter bonnet with wabbit ear's LOL"
    "I'm still here but I live in Arkansas. How you do'in ? Needs some hep ? I'll hep you."
    "Thank you Tap ! You know, I have been giveing offerings to organization that feed hungry people for years plus someothers ones dear to me.
    I figure if Gods word is true he'll take care of me and who are with me if a day comes when a disasters strikes.
    If we do die, only the flesh dies but the sprit will live on for an eternity in heaven where we want have the problems this old world has."
    Mike had a GREAT sense of humor and was a great story teller:
    "I'll probable go this week if my hunting neighbor buddy will go with me. I don't like going hunting by myself any more since my run in with a Big Foot...A.H"
    "I know what they are and I did'nt have a problem with the pictures. The tools are for cleaning out dirty Belly button's...A.H"
    "Back when I was 13 years old my order cousin Frog invited me to deer hunt at his hunting club which was'nt anything but a small area to park there trucks and set up tents up on and 2 guys had pop up campers. The eatting area was around the camp fire. Back in those days groups claimed areas to hunt on. You never heard about leaseing hunting rights back then, it was an un-written law what you claimed was yours to hunt on and most hunters honored that. The one's that did'nt were threated with bodily harm.
    The year before I had killed a Doe in a friends huge cornfield that my Dad one afternoon dropped me off at after school and then he went back to work.
    Though I did'nt know the game laws back then a herd of doe's finally showed up in an old apple orchard next to the corn field so I picked one out and shot it. It went right down.
    Finally my Dad and big brother came to pick me up around 6 p.m that evening and when I told them I had shot a deer my Dad asked what did you get and I said a doe. Man did he come un-glued LOL I got the impression he wanted to get the heck out of there because he said Does were illegal to shoot...I did'nt know that. He turned to Paul my brother and said go help Mike with his deer.
    After what seemed 2 hours Paul and I made it back to the car with the deer in tow, we were exhausted.
    My Dad was still a little P.Oed to for me killing the doe and haveing to wait so long for us to retrive the deer but he did help 2 young kids put the deer in the trunk.
    On the way home I got one heck of a serious lecturn from my dad on what I had done...But as a kid all I knew was it was a deer and I was going to kill it. I did'nt even think about it being illegal.
    When we arrived home my Dad called my cousin Frog and asked him if he would come skin the deer and he said he'd be happy to and did.
    After the deer was skined, cleaned, quarterd and put in the freezer my cousin Frog said next year your hunting at my deer camp with us. What a long year it was.
    My cousin Frog called dad one Friday night and asked to speak to me. He went on to tell me his club was going to be fixing up the deerstands, cleaning up the camp area getting ready for deer season in November, it was early October when he called me.
    The next morning around 7:30 Frog picked me up and off we went to his hunting grounds, a couple others of his friends were already there and had a camp fire going. Shortly one by one others showed up.
    My cousin had brought along a piece of crap 20 inch worn out push lawn mower that I'd swear had the dullest blade ever.
    He said my job was to mow down all the tall grass in the camping area to which I said I'd be happy to and he said I'll come back later to pick you up and you can help work on the deerstands. After awhile they loaded up in the back of Frogs truck and a way they went leaveing me to my task and what a task it turned out to be LOL.
    I sure wished my cousin Frog would of started that wornout POS lawn mower before he left out because the cord was'nt any longer than foot long and it took what seemed an hour to get it started, but it finally roard to life . The tall grass I had to mow took a while but I managed and got it done before it ran out of gass.
    Frog finally showed back up to pick me up and I saw the strangest thing I've ever seen.
    Back then most folks around here who owned a truck also had a boat rack on the bed and so did Frogs truck. When he pulled up to the camping area he had the longest gum tree sapling in the woods tied to his boat rack that stuck out probable 20 foot out in front of his truck.
    At the working end of the sapling he had left about foot long cut off limbs for about a foot. I asked him what's the Jalsting pole for he had sticking out in front of his truck and he said it was for driveing up to the deerstands and knocking the dinner plate size wasp nest out from under the deerstand floors.
    He went on to tell me my job would be to stand in the back bed of the truck. Untie the end of the sapling and as he manuverd his truck up to the stands I was to use the pole to knock out the wasp nest. As soon as it fell to the ground he would take off real fast and get us out of there. COOL !!!! The pole was to remain tied in the center and I was to work the end of the pole to knock the nest out.
    We arrived at the first stand, though being young I had reservations about this but after knocking out the first nest and getting out of there the idea worked like a charm. I had the time of my life doing that LOL . Away we did go to the next stand !
    One thing we learned though there was little work we could do on the stands that had wasp nest so the plan was to come back and spray the wasp. We never did though.
    Deer season finally opens. Back then our Deer season opened on Mondays the reason I was told was less hunters would be hunting on a week day, back then like some other states Arkansas did'nt have the huge deer herds like we have today.
    When daddy got off work the friday evening before the monday morning opener, he helped me load up the food and gear I was takeing and drove me to the deer camp.
    He helped me unload, he talked a little while and then left. As the evning wore on others begin to show up. We already had a huge fire going, other hunters from other camps stoped by to talk and carry on.
    I though I was in Heaven !!! I was only 14 years old and hearing all these grown up tell storeys and act like kids. I'd never seen grown up act like they were kids again.
    A lot of them were well on there way to getting drunk or drunker. You wanna talk about food ??? I'm tell'in you there was so much food of all kinds that wives had cooked up for there husbands to bring to the week end of partying before deerseason opened.
    I had never been exsposed to all the repor and drinking, food and fun !!! I even snitched a couple of beers myself and went and hid behind an oak tree to drink them.
    Sometime around one in the morning the party was ending with many Pukeing there insides out or later wakeing up in the morning gagging up the to much to drink and food they consummed.
    To a kid laying in a sleeping bag in a tent hearing someone not to far off pukeing there insides out was funny.
    You would'nt believe how many times I heard someone say Lord !!! If you'll help me I'll never do this again.
    When the sun came up Saturday morning they all got sick all over again LOL I never in my young life heard so many grown up's moaning and groaning and dashing off into the woods to take a chit !
    Whats interesting, they did it all over again Saturday night to.
    By Sunday everyone had pretty much partied out and behaved themselves. Sunday evening most everybody sipped a few beers and sat around the camp fire telling more storys and tales.
    For supper that night my mother sent us a huge pot of her Chicken and Dumplings by my Dads brother, Frogs dad.
    Everybody there loved them and they hit the spot, boy was they good and i was so proud my ma ma did that. I was actually very surprised she did that for us because she did'nt want me to be where I was at and exposed to all the carrying on . LOL
    At around 4:15 a.m monday morning a guy nicked named Bosco yells.. It's time to get up !!!
    Nobody wanted to but we did. Bosco was Frogs best friend and he had'nt been down to the camp during the week end partying. He did provide us with a big breakfast for everybody that he had to have cooked up in the wee hours of the morning at his home. Boy was it good !!!
    It was time to load up and get on the deerstands so some of us went one way and the others the other way.
    I failed to mention we were in the river bottoms in a vast forrest of hardwood and some pine, deep in the woods.
    I was placed on stand # 3 on a pipeline rightaway. It was a boxed in stand about 10 feet off the ground. For a chair I had a steel 5 gallon bucket to sit on, turned up side down.
    It seemed to be the coldest morning we had ever had to, I was so glad to see the sun comeing up after about an hour and a half of sitting there on that bucket in the dark freezing.
    The sun finally came on out and it begin to warm up. As I sat there on that steel bucket I was determined to only move my eyes and head, somewhere around 8:30 I slowly look over my right shoulder and I see a buck with a nice rack heading right to the back of my deerstand.
    The stand had about a 2 foot opening that you crawled through to get into the stand so ever to slowly I turned myself towards that opening and readied myself to shoot the deer.
    As luck would have it he turned and walked no further than 20 feet behind my stand.
    I aimed for his shoulder with my brand new Marlin 30-30 I had got for Christmas the year before.
    I let him have it with a Winchester flatnose silver tip !!! He went down and spring back up and ran for the hills.
    I stood up and watched him leave the country. I was dumb founded. I thought he would go straight down like that Doe did the year before...What did I do wrong !!!
    Well I sit back down on my bucket disappointed as a kid could get, as I sit there I was getting sleepy so I took off my brown cordoroy coat I was wearing and made it into a pillow then curled up on the deerstand floor and fell fast to sleep.
    Sometime later I was awaked by a guy named Allen Duggar who had walked up to my stand to see what I had shot. His stand was #2 about a half mile from mine on the same pipe line.
    I went to telling him my story about the deer that got away and after I told him he grinned real big and said Mike he did'nt get away, come on down, you hit him good, there's blood everywhere down here. Lets go find him.
    So Allen I took off following the blood trail and I'd say less than a 100 yards there layed my 1st. buck.
    He was deader than a door knob ! Being a kid then I got all excited. Allen said Mike you've killed a Virginia Blue Deer Congradulations son and a 6 point at that !!!
    I said whats a Virginia blue deer ? Allen went on to tell me to look at the color of the deer. It was gray with a blue tint to it.
    He went on to say this area was a game reserve that was opened to hunting 4 years ago. The Arkansas game and fish commishion bought and imported deer and stocked them here and some other areas in this part of arkansas.
    I asked him if I was in trouble for shooting a blue deer and he assured me I was'nt and with that he and I pulled it back to the pipeline.
    Deer season was'nt but a week long back then and I was the only one who killed a legal deer at this camp that year. I was now smitten to be a deer hunter.
    After this experience I begged my mother to subscribe just about every hunting magazine available to learn all I could about deer and hunting them. I feel in love with hunting rifles and shotguns. Though I don't live and breathe hunting like I use to. I still go every year and kill one deer and sometimes a few squirrels.
    Thanks Plumber for the opportunity to share my most memorable hunt. Though I'm not old I'm well on my way to getting there.
    After rereading over this book, it has brought a couple of tears to my eyes and I don't mind telling that.
    One reason most of the men I hunted with back then as a kid are know longer with us today.
    For some of you that don't hunt, get on out there and get started. There is so much goodtimes and fun to be had. You don't always get to shoot game and thats alright, just getting into the great outdoors is medicine for the mind and soul.
    Thanks A.H" (Did AH even take a breath writing this:eek:??)
    "Earl tell them your Hemroids flared up and the desert air and sand cause's them pulsate with pain."
    "I will never stop useing Scent Killer and I smoke all I want to on my deer stands.
    I have shot deer while smokeing...I almost caught the woods on fire haveing to drop my cig where I could aim my rifle. The deer went down dead and I bailed out of my stand forgeting about my cigarette.
    I gutted the deer and looked up towards my deer stand and OH CHIT !!!
    It don't matter how deep in the woods you go, there's always going to be a budwiser can laying around.
    Fortunitly for me there was a budwiser can laying on the ground near by and a creek close by the deer.
    The cig had burned down into the mulch, I made several trips with the can filled with water to put out the silver dollar size hole the cig had made.
    Yall would'nt believe how much smoke came from that small hole. I learned a lesson."
    Yes, our ole' Razorback will be missed and we will mourn.
    Rest in Peace AH, You've earned it.

    In his honor, I'll not post the rest of the weekend so as to leave this post 2000 for a bit. See Y'all Monday.

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  2. Seabeescotty

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    This brought a few mores tears out of these old eyes, but thank you for such nice quotes from our friend. We ARE going to miss AH, and there will NEVER be anyone who could possibly take his place. God Bless...

  3. Ninja Piper

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    Reading this brought back a lot of good memories of his unique wit and his unshakable faith. I loved his Bigfoot story! Thanks for this! We will all miss him!
  4. CalifgirlinOk

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    Dragunov you have honored AH to the fullest. I have always loved reading Mike's post because he typed like he talked. I can hear his Arkansas accent in his stories. That will be one of the things I'll always miss about him..
  5. SwedeSteve

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    An honorable, faithful, and kinder man could not be found. I never met him, but you could just feel it in his posts. Some day I'll get to meet this man who made me laugh over and over. But for now, I, like so many others here will miss him dearly.
  6. texnmidwest

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    Amen. I looked and looked for the PM he sent me as he was comforting me about loss and death. The story and words of encouragement and hope will remain in my heart forever.
  7. .22hustler

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    It's too bad that we have to have a tragedy like this to remember all the good there is/was in a person.May I suggest we all work harder to better understand each other, and to help make this a better world? AH would have liked it, let's do this in remembrance of Mike.
  8. Tigercat200

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    I have never talked to AH or knew him like many of you did but I felt sort of empty for a while yesterday when I read of his passing. There are really good, God fearing people on this forum. Most shooters are and every time one leaves us we are all diminished but new ones come along to fill the void. Someplace a baby has been born that will grow and carry on. Knowing Mike is with his God and a new life is created makes the circle complete and joyous.
  9. Thank you for the post Dragunov. You did a great job in honouring Mike's memory and reminding members who he really was, an honest god fearing man who cared for others as much as his own.
  10. Seabeescotty

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    Amen, and I look forward to the day I can hear his voice, and laugh, once again! God Bless, AH!
  11. ...

    Thanks for sharing this Dragonov. I didnt know him as well as some of you, but I knew him well enuph to know he was a good man. He was very supportive of his friends and I honostly think He would have done any thing to help a friend.

    After rereading the story of his Deer trip when he was a kid it brought tears to my eyes. Even though I never met him in person I feel a hole down inside from his death. As some one said before, the world has lost a great man.
  12. Thanks for the post. This just shows us all how many lives Mike has touched and how many people will miss him forever. He was a treasure to his family, his friends, and this forum.
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    Your post is nicely done, dragonov. It captures the true qualities Mike shared with us. Thanks for putting this together.
  14. Plumber

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    Thanks Dragunov;
    I keep coming back to reread this post.
    I just went back to my profile page and printed my last conversation with Mike, and hung it on the wall. Then went to the last thread where I talked to him. (Most Memorable Whitetail Hunt.) And printed that one also.
  15. .22guy

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    Thanks for another tribute to Mike.
  16. Dragunov

    Dragunov G&G Evangelist

    Thank you all for your kind words. AH will always be on our minds and in our hearts.
  17. jtuck

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    I never had the pleasure of meeting Mike in person, although we had planned to a couple times at the OK BBQ. One's things for sure, he always brought a voice of reason and reassurance to our discussions here...especially when they began to get a little heated.

    Blessed are the peacemakers.
  18. White Rook

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    Great post. I will miss him very much.
  19. TheLastMountain

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    Great post Dragunov. What a tribute.
  20. Earl Easter

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    Thanks for posting this up, it has brought me outta the dumps....
    Very nicely done "D"..............