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My Breda in new oil Pic#1

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Stock Doc, Mar 24, 2002.

  1. Stock Doc

    Stock Doc G&G Evangelist

    I took a bout 10 pictures and the lighting keeps making the photo come out dark. This stock has everything in it from Tiger stripes to different color grain and regular grain up front. To see it in person is the only way to get a idea of how pretty it really is. The flash makes all the little dents show up. Don't ever believe anyone who say's tha tigering makes the wood weaker. I could barely sand this stock it was so hard. It is an Italain piece of wood. Rick B

  2. Stock Doc

    Stock Doc G&G Evangelist

    Here is a full view but again it wouldnt come out light enough. I'll get a good photo if we get some sun. This is not my normal finsih but is for show or hard working rifles. It can bee dulled more but I left the shine for now. Rick B


  3. Nice work Rick!

    You should get into re-parkerizing, get the metal to match the wood!!
  4. Stock Doc

    Stock Doc G&G Evangelist

    I still can't bring myself to take the age off the metal. The wood is minumal sanding and can always be brought back to the Linseed oil duller finish. Park stays for the rest of my life and cant be removed. I have a few in my collection that are not touched at all and look excellent becasue you can see the story in them. Rick B
  5. Doc Holiday

    Doc Holiday G&G Newbie

    If you are re-finishing the stock why did you leave some dents in? They stand out and take away from your work in my opinion.

  6. Stock Doc

    Stock Doc G&G Evangelist

    I am not out to destroy the wood by sanding it down. If it doesn't steam out I leave them. I like to leave some of the history in the stocks. Rick B
  7. F-Troop

    F-Troop G&G Newbie

    Another newby questions

    Your comment about re-parkerizing caught my attention. I just joined the forum and am not familiar with the threads that may have covered this subject.

    Has anyone had experience with reparkerizing kits that you would care to share?
  8. Parkerizing

    There are several kits to choose from. The Stainless tank, sandblasting cabinet and misc other tools will cost abt $300 to start. Or go 'stovetop'. Brownells solution is the best I've used but it's a pain to get cooked up the first time. Allegheny Arsenal ( much easier to use but doesnt last nearly as long (more guns).