my buddy just shot himself....

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  1. so I was upstairs earlier today taking a deuce and as I come down I see my wife frantically running through the house screaming that my neighbor shot himself. It happened all rather quickly. I was half naked so she just grabbed a towel threw it to him told him to get in the car and drove him to the hospital(someones gotta watch the baby). I have had some medical training(more than the average) and had a look at it before they took off. No massive hemorrhaging(at least not severed arteries) and no need to tourniquet but there was a good amount of blood and definitely a good size hole in his hand. Told him to keep pressure, he'd be fine(I'm sure it didn't help but I tried). Turns out he was cleaning it, or working on it or something. It was a glock .45(i dont know which one). He dropped the mag and pulled the trigger thinking there wasn't a round in the chamber. He was trying to take the slide off he said. Regardless, I cannot stress enough how important gun safety is. My wife said she heard something(we live in apartment complexes) but she thought it was just me dropping something upstairs or they did next door. Said it didn't sound like a gunshot. I didn't hear anything. He came over and asked if we were alright(thought he might have shot through the wall) and asked if we could drive him. He could have shot himself in the head and we'd never know. my wife and him were literally no more than 15ft apart(with a wall in between) and we had no idea until he's standing at our back door with a hole in his hand. There was a trail of blood through the house. It was serious. anyways, back to the point, CLEAR YOUR WEAPONS BEFORE YOU CLEAN, MODIFY, HANDLE, OR EVEN THINK ABOUT DOING ANYTHING ELSE WITH THEM!!!!!! if that wasn't enough for you to think twice, he might lose his middle and ring finger, but as of now, he's ok(just very embarrassed and in pain)
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    that sucks, i cant believe that people can do that

  3. He seemed like a very responsible gun owner
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    I really hope that he doesn't lose too much mobility in his hand. It's a good thing that it was just his hand. Just goes to show how easily things can go very wrong when we let our safety standards lack.

    SAFETY, MAGAZINE, CHAMBER, SAFETY! was always drilled into our heads in training, and still is every time we go to qualify.
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    Well if that didnt teach him his lesson the doctors bill will. Hand surgery isn't cheap i broke a good 60% of the bones in my left hand in a dirt bike mishap and my doctors bill was around 50grand to get it all put back together again.i had really really good insurance at the time so i only payed 2grand out of the 50. But still its not going to be a cheap fix after surgery's and physical therapy.
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    He is a lucky man.
    As that round could of easily killed, someone else.

    BTW - what is a deuce?
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    A deuce is a #2. He was taking a dump.

    Sorry to hear about your neighbor but glad he will or should be ok and that no one else got hurt.
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    Wow makes you wonder what the stat numbers are of those catorized as suicide that was just death by dumbazz . Hope he does ok that is a big ol slug no matter where it hits you .
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    A lesson learned the ..................hard way! Some people just don`t get it.
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    More info than I wanted to know, but I hope that your buddy is OK.
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    Who did he shoot in the apartment next to his is the better question.
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    Hope the best for your friend,but you gotta wonder where that round went.
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    All it takes is one little brain-fart to ruin your day. I doubt there's anyone on this site who hasn't done something that scared the hell out of' least once. I know I have.
  14. I have always been very wary about automatics. Since they have become so popular, expect more similar incidents.

    My wife has little experience and is not very mechanically inclined. We are shopping for a handgun for her, and it will be a revolver.
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    Well first let me say, I hope your friend will Ok and I wish him a speedy and full recovery. And I really mean that.

    Then let me say this... *Seriously.... *:slap::34::chairshot::smashfreakB::pat::buttkick::twak::aargh4::spank:

    And I mean that too.

    If you own a glock/springfield XD/ Smith and Wesson M&P freaking dont forget the 4 rules of firearms safety!!!

    Especially the three that didn't get followed resulting in this incident.
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    Yeah, guy I went to school with shot himself in the chest while cleaning a gun just a few weeks ago. He was dead for 2 days before a member of his family dropped by to borrow something and found him.

    It was believed to be a suicide at first, but after a little examination (word of mouth to me) it seems that there wasn't a magazine in the gun, and it looks like he was getting ready to clean it.

    Seems that a cartridge was stuck in the chamber or breach and he was trying to shake it out and lost his grip while it was pointed at him.

    He was a good kid. I didn't now him well but he was one of those downright cheery people with Zach Effron looks and a kind manner, got along with everyone, believe me. When I first heard it was suicide I thought it must have been staged. He's just not the type, I know about these things. Seems it was just one mistake, and that's all he got.

    Very tragic.
  17. Lesson 1: always treat every firearm as a loaded firearm.
    Lesson 2: keep every firearm pointed in a safe direction.
    Lesson 3: when cleaning any firearm, make certain it is unloaded.

    My son gave me a Glock 17 partly because to dismount the slide from the frame before cleaning you must pull the trigger to release the action spring. This bothered my son a whole lot and made him nervous about keeping it. I think about it every time I take it down to clean it and in fact every time I handle it.
  18. Well, I don't know where the round went but it's not in my house(or my wife or 6 month old boy) thank the lord. It could have turned out much worse.
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    Glad your friend is ok. As experianced gun owners we must be very careful as complacency and overconfidence in our handling of firearms can kill us. good reminder.
  20. No matter how careful we are, there's always the chance of a screw up for most of us humans.
    I hope your buddy will be OK.