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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by roadie, May 4, 2008.

  1. roadie

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    So here are the kids, from left to right...
    Ruger 10/22...w/tapco t-6 stock
    Eagle Arms/Armalite M15-A2 .223 / my avatar
    Romak II 5.45X39 AK-74 Variant
    Hi-Point CF380 hi cap mag
    Lee Enfield MK3 .410 bore Ishapore SHTLE III 1923
    1942 Mosin Nagant M-38
    Mossberg 500E 9 shot with Tapco adjustable stock

  2. tippmann7

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    i like that 10/22, i want one but now that i saw yours im getting one for sure:)
  3. Big Tool

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    Nice, What kind of grip is that on the AK???
  4. Bravo

    Bravo G&G Newbie

    tbonecpk, an M1 is all a man needs :D

    Roadie, Nice collection. I like the AR, and love the Tapco on the Mossberg :)
  5. roadie

    roadie G&G Newbie

    thanks, can't remember the brand on the ak grip, I picked it up at a show a while back.
  6. Nice collection Roadie. Good blend of old and new. Keep going.
  7. squirrelblaster

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    very nice collection but whats that ugly hunk of metalon the ground in the first picture...............oh wait that a hi-point!:09:
  8. roadie

    roadie G&G Newbie

    Yeah Yeah, I's ugly...but all I could afford at the time I got it. I am planing on a nce S&W 9mm or .40 eventually, doubt I'll keep the's only a .380, and the ammo is way overpriced for the caliber. I used to have a nice taurus 9mm, but it was taked when my home was robbed...before I got a safe. I'd like to get a nice .357 as well eventually...
  9. squirrelblaster

    squirrelblaster G&G Enthusiast Forum Contributor

    hehe im just funnin ya! and man i cant agree more about the price of 380!
  10. roysclockgun

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  11. allright....gun porn...I love it.
  12. roadie

    roadie G&G Newbie

  13. Oxford

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    I enjoy seeing pics of guns. That makes me want to shoot something.
  14. roysclockgun

    roysclockgun G&G Regular

    Thank you, roadie.
    I forgot to give chamberings for my "snipers"
    Top is a Tikka Sporter in .223
    Next is .243Win, built on a Third Reich Mauser, with 24X Unertl
    Then a Savage in .308Win
    Bottom piece is another Savage in 22-250