My Dad WWII w/Weapons:

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    Somewhere in the South Pacific, New Guinea or Philipines. Some knid of a Rifle, maybe someone knows what is is?
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    M1-Garand looks to me

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    Another weapon:

    Some knid of Pistol, maybe someone knows what this is?
    The tree on the top left was all that was left from a bomb raid.
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  5. MangesMade

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    Thompson 45

    Standing beside a DUKW. He desliked the Thompson and chose the M3 over it.
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    Thompson blocked from last picture, maybe it'll show up better?
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    Must Have Liked the 45 Colt:

    Here's what was written on the back of the 45 Colt Pistol Picture,
    I have no idea what he said about it, but he must have liked it to have said anything.
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    Excellent thanks for sharing these with us. I love to see this and thank you father for the part he played in the war. Thanks,,Rick B
  9. Rod

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    Outstanding pics

    Those are some real treasures you have there. What Army or Marines was your dad in? That Pacific duty had to be tough, given the hostile environment to cope with in addition to the enemy. Is your dad still living? Out of all the pics my dad made, he never posed with his own weapon, only those he had captured. He captured two Germans himself, took their rifles for souvenirs, and then gave them to my cousin before I was born. I've been trying to get them back but no luck yet. All I got was a lugar, a few German medals, Nazi diary, and Nazi coins. He also sold a couple of German Nazi swords and daggers and a set of dueling pistols before I was old enough to stop him back in the 50's. :( If you have any more pics, post em up, I really like those old WWII photos.

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    I have no doubt that it was an MI Garand. When I was an ROTC officer in the Far Eastern University, Manila, Philippines. I stripped MI Garand thousand times teaching my unit/platoon. This is one of the interesting subject that I enjoyed teaching, but that was 26 yrs ago. I still have my 2- M14 in the Phil. They were my favorite. I tired to bring them here but I was not allowed.

    Nice picture, very memorable.
  11. Superbee

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    The pistol I believe was a Springfield 1911, 45 ACP, once again, in the Phil, when I was younger, police officer from Sergent above always carry this kind of pistol. Back then all Custom police in the Manila Intl'l port and all the Phil were armed with Springfield Pistol-45ACP.

    Great Picture!