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    I don't know how to explain this, so I'll just start, and do my best.

    I received a call from my Mom, yesterday. She told me she had to take Dad to the doctor, he wasn't doing well. The doctor told her they would have to put him on a respirator, pretty soon.

    My Dad overheard the conversation, and spoke up, saying he didn't want a machine to keep him alive. They have to go and sign papers to that affect, in the next few days.

    My Mom told me to start preparing myself for Dad's passing. She explained that he's ready to meet his Maker, and is simply waiting for the end.

    Can anyone teach me how to prepare myself? I have been holding tight, trying to maintain a semblence of composure, but it's tearing at my soul!

    Dad has always been my hero, the strong one, who could move mountains, if need be. He taught me right from wrong, and to believe in myself. He taught me to hold my Lord in reverence, though he rarely went into a church. He explained, in later years, that his church was out under the open sky, in the hills, or the pasture. Church was whenever he needed to have a talk with God.

    Dad is a native of Elk City, Oklahoma, which is one reason I chose to come here, and spend the remainder of my life. I decided that a place that could produce a man like him, would be a great place to grow old.

    He's a veteran of the Army Air Corp, and worked hard all his life, to provide for his wife and family. I'm sure he will go to Heaven, for all the good he's done in his life.

    Please say a short prayer for my Dad, that it will be a gentle passing, into the arms of our Lord, and that he will see his kin, and be happy once more.

    Thank you
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    Seebee: Sir; as with many I'll remain vigilant with prayer.
    Sir; how do we prepare for the passing? I don't know. My father and mother left a few years ago; I still think about our times together.
    The fondest of memory's are my blessings.

    Something for ever: Get a tape recorder and talk to him. Bring back the verbal memories of his life. Back to his childhood and family. Bring the years together for your young ones. History is what we make.

    Sir; Blessings for you your father and families. God bless you all.

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    i will pray for you scotty. I do not know that there really is a way to prepare for something like this. The way i try to look at situations such as this is that (judging by how you have described your dad he sounds like a very good honest, christian man.) he will soon be in a much better place than he is now. That is enough comfort for me. My gf's grandpa was diagnosed with cancer last week and probably has less than a month left. I hope he and your father meet in heaven some day as your father sounds like a great man.

    God Bless.
  4. Windwalker

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    Scotty, I pray that when the time comes God will reach out and gently guide your Dad up to join Him in heaven.
  5. MrsS

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    Prayers to you and your loved ones.
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    My prayers and thoughts for you and your family. Make sure your dad knows how you feel about him, and thank him for the way he raised you. He made you what you are today, a good and honest man. I couldn't tell my dad I loved him on his last day as I was too much in a hurry to get home and not stop at the house. He was in hospice care in his own room, in his own house, when he passed. Hold him and hug him one last time, and tell him you love him... And then just tell him "thanks". He'll know what you mean.. God bless...Loren
  7. Prayer and gentle thoughts for you and yours
  8. Scotty said : Dad has always been my hero, the strong one, who could move mountains, if need be. He taught me right from wrong, and to believe in myself. He taught me to hold my Lord in reverence, though he rarely went into a church. He explained, in later years, that his church was out under the open sky, in the hills, or the pasture. Church was whenever he needed to have a talk with God.

    Your Dad prepard you already buddy, read the sentence you just posted.

    I assure you I'll be praying for You, your Daddy, Mother and Familey. Let's ask that Gods will be done here and trust in him.

    I'll also be praying that you will have Gods peace that surpass'es all understanding during this time of sorrow.

    God Bless you...Mike
  9. Our prayers are with you. How do you prepare? It's just one day at a time, and bring up all the good times you've had together, and laugh. Laugh out loud, until your rolling on the floor. Remember the good times, he is a good man who did what's right. That cosmic vacation is unstoppable, it makes you accept your mortality, now you have to think about your life and how good you have been.
  10. Courage . . .

    . . . comes in many forms. Letting the natural process take its course with, perhaps, some pain killer if needed at the end is a form of courage.

    I know what I went through with my father who was kept going by what I now consider cruel and wasteful medical interventions. He was in so much pain and wanted to go yet we, through a lack of knowledge, went along with the doctors who kept saying they could prolong his life.

    Be calm in the knowledge of Christianity that you will only be apart for a short time.

    It is your time to use to reach your full potential as a spiritual person here on earth.

    I have told all members of my family that I do not want the horrors of modern medicine when my physical life nears the end.
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    Spend as much time with him as you can. Though, I don't think it will ever be enough. Wasn't for me.
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    Your father sounds like an awesome man, and has lived a very good life. It is sad to see our loved ones go, and I have had to let my share of my own loved ones go during my lifetime. Some very recent, and others years ago.

    Life must come to an end, and that is what makes life so great. If we were to live forever life would be meaningless. It is what makes us strive to make our life happy and enjoyable. It helps us make decisions that will affect us down the road. If we were to be immortal, all of which we sacrifice for, would not be as valuable. That is the beauty of life. Most of us are aware of our mortality, and that awareness helps us live the lives we want to live because we only get once chance at it.

    It sounds like your father was a hero to you, and his legacy will live on through stories passed down by you and your siblings to his grand kids. That is what makes life worth living for. I never met my father's father, he died before I was born. I am named after him. I have never met the man, yet I feel I know him because of all the stories I have heard from my family. Some day maybe perhaps I will meet him. I was also told he was one of the best fishermen in our family and there wasn't a fish he couldn't catch.

    Almost every living creature and sense that their end is near. That is why you see things like dogs that are old and soon to die wander off to complete their journey. My friend's father passed some years ago, and before he passed away he made sure that all the bills were paid, the house was paid off, and that his mom had a brand new car. He passed right after doing all of that, and he knew he was near his end and did his best to take care of them.

    To me I think you should celebrate his life rather than mourn it. He has lived long, and accomplished a lot. I would say he has lived a life better than many, and has a lot to show for it. You should be happy and proud, and you can tell your kids, and grand kids all the stories about him.

    best wishes.
  13. We will add you, him and your family to our prayer list.
  14. Earl Easter

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    As we all are in line to become the Dad. The leader of family. Most of us folk just don't see how we could fill the shoes. At least thats what i felt like in a my situation years ago.
    By reading the above about your dad, seems to me he has taught you well. I sat with my pap on his hospital bed the last hours of his life when nobody was there and told him what a great man he was ,and that i was proud of him for everything that he gave me. And he said to me...."Son you don't have to tell me that, i already knew what ya think of me".
    I suspect your dad feels the same about you.

    Anyway my prayers are with him and your family................................
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    Seabeescotty wanted me to tell all of you thank you so much for all of the kind and thoughtful words and your prayers.
  16. Scotty, spend some time with him. Tell him what you should. Show him the kind of man you are. He'll know he did good.
  17. TexasT

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    Ok, I'll do that Scotty.
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    Best wishes and prayers to not only your father, but to those in your family, and you, that will miss him. Tell him you love him and thank you for what he's given you. I was lucky enough to have that chance with my father and it means a lot.
  19. Dear Seabeescotty;
    Very touching tribute. I can hear the love you have for your dad.
    May our Prayers lift you and your families up though these difficult times.