My dream varmint rifle!

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by nc.hunter, May 29, 2008.

  1. nc.hunter

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    Guys, i just found my dream varmint rifle, it is the savage Model 93R17-GVXP, scoped rimfire package. The scope is a 3-9x by 40, Here is a link to the gun. I know it sais 311.00 dollars, but I have seen them go for 250!

    Savage Arms Rimfire Package Series Model 93R17-GVXP

    Theres just something about a walnut finish that gets me.
  2. I havent fired a .17hmr but I have a savage mark 2f and its the best .22lr ive ever fired savage makes a really fine rifle that still remains affordible^^

  3. Go . . .

    for it then practice till you get really good.
  4. tippmann7

    tippmann7 G&G Enthusiast

    i have the same rifle, GREAT GUN you will love it
  5. nc.hunter

    nc.hunter Guest

    .17 HMR

    How accurate is the gun, I have heard it shoots accurate out to 125 yards. What type of game have you hunted with it?
  6. sell33

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    so 17 hmr 22 mag or 204? would you make up your mind lol
  7. samuel

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    When it comes to choosing a varmint firearm,I have no mind. sam.
  8. nc.hunter

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    varmint rifles

    same goes for me sam, theres just to many good rifles out there to just pick one.
  9. tippmann7

    tippmann7 G&G Enthusiast


    50yds-dead accurate
    100yds-pretty good, iv hit crows at 100yds
    125-good, hit chucks this far
  10. ive got the same one except in black synthetic awesome gun shoots solid
  11. nc.hunter

    nc.hunter Guest

    varmint rifle

    AWSOME answer. thanks tippmann, that gives me a really good idea about what I could hunt.
  12. tippmann7

    tippmann7 G&G Enthusiast

    just to let you know if your hunting coyotes i wouldnt shoot any farther than 75yds for a clean kill and as for rabbits and squirrels go for head shots because if you hit the body itl realy mess up the meat, especialy if you shoot vmaxs like i do
  13. jtuck

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    I have a Savage 93R17-F. It's fun to punch paper with, and I have used it on some small game such and squirrels, turtles, and a couple others, but I wish I had gone with the .204. The .17 just doesn't have enough umph when it gets out to 100 yards or more.
  14. OH my not again! No rimfire for coyotes! End of discussion!
  15. tippmann7

    tippmann7 G&G Enthusiast

    i feel that the only rimfire for coyotes is the .17hmr however its not my first choice but it will do the job
  16. jtuck

    jtuck G&G Evangelist

    Most of my coyote shooting takes place at the 100-300 yard range. There's no way I would use a .17 in that situation. We've shot too many around here and they won't hardly come to a call anymore.
  17. Steve

    Steve Master Gunsmith Staff Member

    NO RIMFIRES for coyotes the name of the game is quick and sure kills and there is no way to ge this with a rinfire unless you very close. Just my opinion.
  18. tippmann7

    tippmann7 G&G Enthusiast

    well if your shooting them at 100-300yds i completely agree that the .17 is the wrong gun.
  19. I have the same 93R17 but with a 6-24x40mm scope on it. you will be very pleased with the performance. I can hit chicken eggs at 100 and even 200 yards with it.
  20. jtuck

    jtuck G&G Evangelist

    What a waste of eggs. :no: