My Evil Black Baby's

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  1. My little evil black rifle's and such...just kinda showing off my baby's.
    from left to right....
    GSG-5SD with retractable buttstock, full size picitanny rail with a red dot.
    foregrip and surefire/laser combo
    Winchester 1300 extended mag tube and pistol grips
    Bushmaster AR-15 with EOTech flip up rear sight, surefire, knight arm. rail
    system, foregrip and rail covers and a bunch of other stuff
    Armory USA AK 74 with 4x POSP optic
    Yugo SKS chaote dragunov stock, compliant parts, remington 3-9x scope with mount and shell deflector. 20 rd tapco mag(somewhere, cant find the ****

    i dont feel like putting everything i have on them. theres so much stuff. I built the AR from scratch(thats my pride and joy)
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  2. thanks privateer. a little disfunctional, but they're my baby's
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    Glad your first born has gained some siblings !!