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My favorite .22 rifle

Discussion in 'Rimfire Rifles' started by fuzzy, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. fuzzy

    fuzzy G&G Regular

    Has to be my Winchester Model 68. I had it for years thinking, for some reason, it was a Stevens, until I really took a look at it one day and realized it was a Winchester.

  2. Penguin

    Penguin G&G Regular

    Mine is a BSA Model 12 (Martini Action) which I’ve had it for over 20 years. It was made in the early 1920s, and I love to amaze people by winning competitions with it even today.
  3. Steve

    Steve Master Gunsmith Staff Member

    penguin get into the postal match and really show us what you can do.
  4. docmaghee

    docmaghee G&G Newbie

    Weatherby MkXXII, mag fed, iron sights and came with a little 3x9 scope. My mother got it for my dad as a 1st year wedding anniversary present back in 1963. Monte carlo stock deep rich blueing-to this day a beautiful little .22-thanks Dad....
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2012
  5. Penguin

    Penguin G&G Regular

    Steve, I'd love to shoot in the match, but the practicality of being able to do so from this side of the pond is a bit daunting - seems the targets are different for a start........
  6. BigCaneSwift

    BigCaneSwift G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    My favorite is my BSA model 12\15 Martini I giggle everytime i pull the trigger.
  7. Steve

    Steve Master Gunsmith Staff Member

    Penguin I see no problems I mail you the targets and you shoot them and mail them to jay.
  8. chesterwin

    chesterwin Moderator Staff Member

    I'm going to presume a mistype. MkXXII maybe? Dang nice little rifles!!!
  9. docmaghee

    docmaghee G&G Newbie

    I fixed it Chester---I either got fat fingers or a fathead-then again maybe both...Thanks.....
  10. mollysdaddy

    mollysdaddy G&G Regular

    My favorite.

    My dad's Winchester Model 1903. Love it!
  11. waterdog

    waterdog G&G Enthusiast

    An old Glenfield mod. 10 single shot. and a winchester mod.102
  12. Deersniper

    Deersniper G&G Newbie

    Marlin 60-C.
  13. mouser868

    mouser868 G&G Evangelist

    To many to choose from, though my Winchester Model 74 chambered for short is a hoot
  14. JebNY

    JebNY G&G Newbie

    My Winchester 1890 made in 1909 has been my favorite since I was 12 (a long time ago) but my new 10/22 TakeDown is gaining.
  15. littlestoney406

    littlestoney406 G&G Enthusiast

    The 1963 Marlin Golden 39A that my grandfather bought new is my favorite. Can't wait for squirrel season to come in.
  16. neophyte

    neophyte Wonderment :) Forum Contributor


    fuzzy: Sir, Remington "Mohawk", :)
  17. dothedrew57

    dothedrew57 G&G Evangelist

    Remington fieldmaster 572. Nothing like a little pump 22 that can drive tacks
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