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my first charles daly

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wen to my buddies gun shop to pay on some layaway [it was a remingon 878 in ok shape] he showed me a bunch of used guns he just got in on trade like 15-20 of them he had a few old stevens semi a remington single shot enfiled , k31,m38, and remington made mosin in 30-06 marlin in 37/38 a .223 and a bunch of other shotguns and muzzle loaders....even a muzzleloading 12ga! one of those happen to be a blck charels daly in 12ga 3in i aske him how much and he said 160! so im trading my winchester 670 in .308 soi can hu t with it tomarrow night and put another .308 on layaway. this gun is very light and just feels great.
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I have a Charles Daly also in 12 gauge over & under with chokes. Nice shotguns. Mine was a little tight at first opening and closing it.
Good deal!
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