My first Garand

Discussion in 'M1 Garand' started by ChesterGolf, Oct 17, 2002.

  1. ChesterGolf

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    Finally found a garand up here and bought it on sight. The stock is a little beat up but the barrel is good. a little steaming out dents and she should be fine.
  2. Let us know what it looks like, the serial number, barrel date, stock and markings, etc.

    Congratulations! Unless you've got a LOT more willpower than the rest of us hopelessly addicted M1 owners, it probably won't be your last!

  3. GrassHoppa

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    I would have to agree with Rick. I just bought my M1 4 months ago and I'm already looking at my second one. Good lord, it's a beautiful affliction.
  4. The only thing like it is "Springfielditis" -- if I was Bill Gates, I'd have a MILLION of them! Guess I'll have to settle for one CMP rifle in the next month or so.
  5. ChesterGolf

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    The ser. # is 2075xxx (got to be careful on the net) I see no numbers on the barrel when I field stripped it. Where would I look? The stock has a white stenciled "59" at the bottom by the butt plate. If I can figure out how to post pics I'll post a couple.
  6. WyrTwister

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    Pull back and lock back the op-rod & bolt . There is nor a litle space that reveales a smapp lart of the barrel , now that the op-rod is back . Should be some SMALL numbers & letters . May need a magnifying glass and good lighting .

    For instance SA 9-48 is Sep. 1948 . WRA is Winchester , HR is H&R , IHC is International Harverstor Corp , LMR is Line Material something . Marlin also made barrels .

    God bless
  7. ChesterGolf

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    It is a Springfield Armory #2075xxx with a barrel stamping as follows: LMR D6535448 4 55 A41 I think this is what you are looking for.
  8. DaveTinNY

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    April, 1955 barrel... A41 might be the heat lot code or something... Don't recall the designation.
    Congrats on the M1! :) Enjoy.
    Dave T
  9. LMR (Line Material Corp.) made barrels mainly for the International Harvester M1s made in the Korean War-era. By all reports they make excellent shooters and are among the best of the barrels.
  10. ChesterGolf

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    I'll let you guys know how it shoots in a few days. I appreciate all the info so far.:D
  11. Looks like a nice rifle!

    (Wow - 4 stars next to my name! George Patton and I FINALLY have something in common!)
  12. Nice rifle.....would like to see the 'after refinishing' pics...yepper...fer sure.

    Rick, you're bald? Is that it? lol
  13. DocCombat

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    Congradulations on your fine purchase. But they are addictive... I have two Springfeilds a post war 424XXXX and an early 1941 production 245XXX. And spend alot of time finding all the correct lot number parts for the rifles production dates. Especially my 41 thats my baby. But the post war was my first Garand And I'm always looking for another to add to my collection of US battle rifles. Or as often as my military budget allows that is. Enjoy.
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    Everyone is right, they are addictive. I got my first in March from the CMP. I just got 2 more this week, that makes 5 and waiting on a Winchester.

    Have fun with it, the are a blast to shoot.

  15. Tim W

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    Ok you guys finally got to me...Getting the paperwork together for the CMP. This will be my first Garand,so thinking about a SA rack grade. Want to make a shooter out of it for informal local military matches. Already have a carbine so I think it needs a Garand to keep it company..