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My first Garand

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Finally found a garand up here and bought it on sight. The stock is a little beat up but the barrel is good. a little steaming out dents and she should be fine.
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Let us know what it looks like, the serial number, barrel date, stock and markings, etc.

Congratulations! Unless you've got a LOT more willpower than the rest of us hopelessly addicted M1 owners, it probably won't be your last!
The only thing like it is "Springfielditis" -- if I was Bill Gates, I'd have a MILLION of them! Guess I'll have to settle for one CMP rifle in the next month or so.
LMR (Line Material Corp.) made barrels mainly for the International Harvester M1s made in the Korean War-era. By all reports they make excellent shooters and are among the best of the barrels.
Looks like a nice rifle!

(Wow - 4 stars next to my name! George Patton and I FINALLY have something in common!)
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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