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Originally posted by ChesterGolf
The ser. # is 2075xxx (got to be careful on the net) I see no numbers on the barrel when I field stripped it. Where would I look? The stock has a white stenciled "59" at the bottom by the butt plate. If I can figure out how to post pics I'll post a couple.
Pull back and lock back the op-rod & bolt . There is nor a litle space that reveales a smapp lart of the barrel , now that the op-rod is back . Should be some SMALL numbers & letters . May need a magnifying glass and good lighting .

For instance SA 9-48 is Sep. 1948 . WRA is Winchester , HR is H&R , IHC is International Harverstor Corp , LMR is Line Material something . Marlin also made barrels .

God bless
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