My First Gun!!

Discussion in 'New Shooters' started by likeaboss, Aug 30, 2010.

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    My First Gun!!
    Finally got my first gun! A used Ruger 10/22. Turns out it's over 30 years old and still fires accurately and flawlessly! Thanks Ruger!

    Anyway, I made a video (I know I'm a dork)

    MY First Gun!! Daniel Shoots Stuff
  2. Good job. I don't have a 10/22 yet, but the older ones are pretty cool...they tend to be a little better quality than the new ones. You'd be surprised how old a gun can be and still fire. I've got a Remington model 6 .22 that was made in the early 1900's that still fires great, and accurately. Shoot it, clean it, love it. :)

  3. Before I swapped my factory barrel for an aftermarket ER Shaw bull barrel, I HATED the factory iron sights on my 10/22.

    It appeared as though you had see through scope rings. I'd reccomend that you get theses. I put 'em on my 10/22 and the difference was night and day! A must have if you're going to keep the 10/22 in its current formation for the time. Williams Fire Sight Set Ruger 10/22 Steel Blue Fiber Optic Green - MidwayUSA
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    my first gun ever was a 10/22 i loved it still wish i had it, i have many fond memorys of my grandfather and i shooting it
  5. Should have baught a Marlin 60

    Jk lol :D Grats on your new gun im sure you will enjoy it :D
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    The first one I ever bought was a Romanian Mosin-Nagant M44. I just turned 18 went to the gun show with $100 found a table that had 91/30s M44s and M38s with one sign in the middle of the table that said "$70 take your pick". I had at the time (2) .22s one is a Savage Model 64F that I got for my 16th birthday, that is still kept out at my grandparents ranch, the other is a Ruger 10/22 that my mom got for me but with my money (my avatar).
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    The first rifle I shot over 30 years ago was a 10/22. It still works like a dream. I'd have to check the serial numbers again, but it is from the early 60's (I think 62 or 63) and is still in mint (but fired) condition. My dad bought it new about the same time he picked up a Ruger .44 carbine (Deer Stalker). Those two will be in the family for generations to come.

    Enjoy it and never let it go!
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    Congrats.Proud of you.Seethrough rings are debatable as they make it easier to "CANT" the rifle. ,,,Cant Errors - Long range shooting ,,, another thing I noticed,you had the barrel (metal part) right down on the rest.You will find better accuracy if the wood is on the rest.When the gun goes bang,the barrel vibrates.If the barrel is touching something solid the barrel goes all over from it's own vibration deflected off the rest ,,,Target Shooting Incorporated Gun Rest ,,,Tite Group Rifle Rest, Gun rest ,,,These are two types of rest,and then there are sandbags,and in the field,a wobbly limb.You may already know all of this.If so,just have patients with a nosy ol' man.Just trying to help.(if you want it) ,,,sam.
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    TAPPED: Thanks for the advice on the sight I'll def look into it!!

    SAMUEL: Not at all!!! I'm new to this and will always be glad to have advice!!!

    Thanks all, heading to the range now and will post results soon!!
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    Congrats! (dork)

  11. Geezer! :p
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    Hey :silly: city boy.
    Your SUPPOSED to be, out hunting.
    Not wisecracking, on G&G!

    Cant get Bambi's big cousin.
    From you keyboard!
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    Yea your hooked.
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    good job bud congrats :) glad to see we have another shooter
  15. ha ha cant really go till either tomarrow or the next day, Truck needs gas, gas aint free and the wife needs the gas to get to work :p

    GEEZER! lol :D you know I love picken on ya.
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    Alright, The update is up! Check it out: [ame=""]YouTube - Ruger 10/22 Range Trip: Day 2[/ame]
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