My first Mosin-Nagant

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by RandyMac, Aug 28, 2002.

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    I got first Mosin by accident, I sometimes do small jobs for the owner of a small gun shop
    cleaning guns before they are put on the rack etc...One day a big box of cosmoline caked rifles came in, I made a deal to buy one for the transfer fees only, if I cleaned the rest. There were four Mausers (beater Turks) and six Mosins (beater 91/30's). After most of a day spent dissolving dino lard off the relics, I chose a '43 Tula, the only rifle that had matching numbers. The poor thing sat a corner for over a month before (as an after thought) I took it to shoot at our local group's next meeting. I really didn't expect much, it definitely looked like it had been dragged to Berlin. A few folks (Mauser Freaks) laughed loudly. The laughing stopped after the first magazine load. The group was 3" high, 3" to the left, and was just under 2 1/2" accident. I sometimes do . I managed to finish most of the first box of ammo, the rest of the 60 rounds was fired by other members.
    Thus started my Mosin adventures, now three years later I have six of them
    Randy MacKendrick
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    thank you RandyMac for sharing that with us, welcome to the therapy group!!!i got my first one in 1965 via mailorder $10. post paid!!!! back then all you needed was money and a mailing adress, how times have changed!!! looked like a refugee from Stalingrad, it was clean, but smelled like creosote!!! God i miss the old days:( :( :(

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    The cheapest ones can sometimes be the best! My best Mosin shooter is a 91/30 I got as payment for refinishing another one that a range buddy has. He had bought two, but only needed one. Serendipidy! "Dino lard!" Have to remember that term. :D
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    Bought my first one back in 1985. Still have it, too. A 1914 Westinghouse M91. Cost something like $48 for the rifle and 60 rounds of ammo. I've never looked back since then.......:)