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My first SKS

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Hello all:)
Bought my first SKS today, always been a collector of Mosins and I thought it was time to branch out:)
Anyway, bought a Chinese, very good/exc condition with bayonet(spike), shoulder strap and 300 rounds of Norinco steel core for $220.
I reckon I did OK...does that sound about right to everyone else??
Either way I guess its mine now and thats that...I guess I just wanted to tell somebody:):):):)

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sounds about average as far as price goes. there is the ocasional great deal. I'm about to buy one my self, just got to settle on the country of origin/mfg.
You know over 10 years ago I could buy a Norinco unissued for 129.99 and a 1200 round crate of steel core for 139.00. Hang on to your steel core and I think you got a good deal. A lot of folks don't like Norinco and there are some that do. Me personally my preban rocks. But don't tell anybody.
excellent choice of weapons to branch out with. i'm partial to romanians, but any is far better than none. hope you enjoy it. good shooting
I love my Yugo, but used to have a Norinco. It was a good rifle, too. A local shop has two Norincos for $200 each. They don't have magazines, but otherwise look good. (I just happen to still have a Norinco fixed ten-round mag - Hmmmm?) ;)

Might treat myself to an early Christmas! :nod:
The days of the $74.00 SKS are long gone. $220.00 for one in good to excellent condition with ammo is doing alright. Once in the while you come across one bought in the later 80s early 90s that never made it out of the box, got bought because it was cheap. Always check out the gas tubes, some of those guys never heard of cleaning a gun, or heard of corrosive ammo.
And some of the idjuts thought the cosmolene was a packing grease..... equivilent to a truck's wheel bearing grease....and was meant to be there and not removed.

About ten years ago I bought my SKS from a guy who said he took it elk hunting on occassion, although he said he never fired it. When I took it front of him....the piston and tube was still cosmo packed. He said he knew it was there but he probably didn't have the resource back then to realize you had to clean it out.
I went back and picked up the better of the two Norincos. Pretty good condition, though this guy didn't clean the gastube, either.
A little TLC has it ready for duty.
All matching numbers, except for the replaced magazine.
Made in 1979 at Factory 106 - pretty common.

To check your factory codes and determine year of manufacture:

Chinese Serial number/dates of manufacture:

Chinese Factory Codes: is The Source for the dedicated SKS enthusiast!
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