my friend inherited a 1942 m-1 garand chambered for 308 winchester, matching serial numbers and

Discussion in 'M1 Garand' started by bullseye7, Nov 6, 2016.

  1. bullseye7

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    this rifle is in pristine condition, all parts have same numbers, he claims its worth $6000,
    is this even remotely possible?
    i told him maybe 2000, or 3000, but probably less, unsless mr winchester signed that rifle himself!
    plz advise,.......thank you
  2. mauser9

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    I'm with you. $6000 sounds awful high.

  3. Jay

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    Garands, and M-1 Carbines were quite often "parts guns". An armorer would sit at a bench, surrounded by barrels of parts and begin to assemble rifles, and not necessarily from the same manufacturer. For example, I've never seen a barrel carrying the same number/markings as a trigger. The markings on a vintage part will/may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some years ago, it was rumored that a toolmaker on the east coast duplicated some inspection stamps, and dumped lots of bogus parts on the market. If you're in the market for a Garand, or a Carbine, do your homework, and be sure you know what you're paying for.
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  4. Orlando

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    Sounds like you friend doesnt know what he is talking about. No Garand has "all the same number" or "matching numbers" There are the correct drawing numbers for the period of manufacture
    USGI 7.62 (308) Garands were built from a mixture of parts from different years
    Even if a original USGI Navy 7.62 build Garand it might be worth $2000 with documentaion
    His rifle could be a put together from Navy Barreled recivers that were sold a few years back from CMP. Depepnding on condition around $1000. He could even have a rifle with a commercial 308 barrel
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  5. mauser9

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    Yep Orlando that's why I prefer the 98k's. Those parts are numbered and a real treasure if all the parts match!
  6. Txwheels

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    Your friend has had the wool pulled over his eyes...
  7. Cyrano

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    New York
    Color me skeptical. I believe that 7.62 NATO Garands command a premium because there are a lot fewer of them, but I have never heard of a Garand that had all matching numbers. If the rifle was in absolutely pristine, never-issued, never-been-fired condition, a collector might pay more than $2000 for it; but $6000? I don't think so.

    I think your friend needs to do some more research and get a price that has some basis in reality.
  8. I'm kinda skeptical too considering the 308 didn't come out till the 50's
  9. animalspooker

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    $6000? 6000 dimes maybe. I could see where it might possibly have all matching numbers, but still, $6k is out of the question. Unless of course its the one that killed Hitler. But don't believe him on that either, if he tries to tell you that!
  10. ChaZam

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    I can't even imagine a Don McCoy built Garand being in that stratospheric price range. Tell your friend to research and compare very closely. Nothing inherently wrong with doing some serious profit taking in the world of buying, selling, trading, bartering, but there are some among us who will flagrantly misrepresent the facts and take advantage of the unsuspecting.
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  11. PaleHawkDown

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    It definitely doesn't add up.

    If it was pristine, all matching 308 - and it was one of the Springfield remakes - ok.
    If it was a 1942 Winchester with the major parts matching, OK.

    I can see several combinations of those things, but not all in the same gun, and even if they were it wouldn't make it a $6,000 gun, because vaguely similar Navy models meet many of those requirements and I've yet to see any of those go for that much.

    It's kind of like my thinking on Holy Roller Holiness preachers; sure I believe that many people have one or more of "the gifts" but the last time they were all together in a single body was such a big deal a whole New Testament had to be written about it, and he didn't dance, jump pews and smack old ladies in the head while passing a collection plate.