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HK-SP5 Received it April 2nd, and sent off an eForm 1 that day. Got my stamp back on the 12th.

Bought a tri lug adapter for my 9mm suppressor, and a tri lug adapter for my SBR CZ Scorpion S2.

I like the SP5 so much I thought it needed a buddy to hang with. A new SP5K.

According to FedEx tracking I'll get this tomorrow. Already have my fingerprint cards ready to mail out, and my eForm 1 completed up to the spot where they want pictures of the make, model, and serial numbers of it. Don't know when they added that part. I know they only wanted a pic of me when I did a few in 2020.

Ordered a B&T 10.8" folding stock to put on it. It will be delivered to my neighbors house Saturday.

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