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My M1 Garand

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I know this probably belongs in the Garand Forum but I wanted to show you guys my Garand. The group was shot at 100yds with IMA 150gr. 30/06. I have since had a thorough cleaning, lubrication, stock and forend fitting by a National Guard armorer. I must say, it is a fun rifle to shoot. I bought this as a shooter grade firearm and had never fired a Garand until owning it. Man, the first time you shoot a Garand is the biggest rush... hearing that "PING!" when the clip is ejected, really something... right up there with the surprise you get when you don't get your thumb out of the way in time when loading. (That didn't happen to me because I learned the hard way on a Hakim in 1993). I reccomend EVERY shooter own at least one because they are super rifles with tons of history behind them. I can really see why the US Infantry had the upper hand in WW2... reading history and shooting history are two totally different perspectives!

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great looking kitchen floor you have!!! ya get tripped up much?? my momma always told me don't leave my toys laying around,"PUT THEM AWAY OR I'LL THROW THEM AWAY" but enough of me, great looking rifle and target, enjoy it, did you get it via CMP? one otherthing i see you have the sling on bakaards!!! or is that your preffered metthod??;)
Looks sweet Jesse....sure does.

I've heard the comparisons with the M14 and I might have to look at investing in one.

You gonna scope it? Wouldn't blame ya if ya didn't......but for these old tired eyes I would need to.

Great shooting.......^5.
Cool Jesse,they are a lot of fun aren't they?
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