My military heroes

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  1. Paul T

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    1.Theodore Roosevelt 5, Claire Chennault 9. Harvey Wilsford (Dad)
    2.Arligh Burke 6.Joe Foss 10.Those warriors serving
    3.Eddie Rickenbacker 7.Audie Murphy today.
    4.Chester Nimitz 8.Ernie Pyle
    Some you may know of some you may not. I have never known any but 9 and 10. Dad served in the corps from 41 to 57. And those still serving will always have my utmost respect, honor and love.

    GMG1 (SW) Paul Wilsford
    U.S.N. ret.
  2. My military hero is my Grandfather, a WWII firefighter who has the unfortunate timing to be at Pearl Harbor on the morning of December 7th 1941. He survived ... was on the airfield when the attacks began on the ships where a lot of men did not.

    He will always be my hero.

  3. JOEGUN94

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    my heros, any one who did their time, who nevr complained etc.
    actually i still think highly of my ex commander, william c flynt 111 he was a soldiers soldier.
  4. jaeger

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    uhh this might sound weird but my wife. We served in the Marine Corps together and she was in food service. While delivering MRE's to Fallujah the convoy she was on encountered mortar and small arms fire. And unlike the several men in her unit she did not duck into the hardback. She got on an un-manned 240G and returned fire expelling 2 full cans of ammo. Maybe not changing the outcome but definately changing the minds of the bad guys thinking they had easy prey. While I served in many more combat zones as a sniper. This was her only deployment, and she gets my vote as a how a Marine should act.:usa:
  5. ghost_raven

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    My grandpa, Cpl. Andrew Sobien of the Marines. Not a lot of people seem to know just what he did, but he was stationed at Los Alamos through the end of WW2.
  6. neophyte

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    Paul T: Sir; my hero's were the ones that constantly put up with my adventures.
    Taking the time, covering our butts, knowing how many times we weren't meant to return.
    Knowing when to back off, knowing when to draw, knowing when to crawl. These are my hero's.
  7. Interesting choices . . .

    and I think you have picked some good people.

    Although you seem to have worked in the field of American citizens
    I would also nominate General Roon who served Prussia then
    Germany in the time of Bismark. He was a general who combined
    the newest techonology available with bold, decisive strokes
    to wrap up his campaigns in short order with minimal loss of life.

    Other than history buffs like me few know of General Roon.
    However, his combat experience does deserve recognition.
  8. Paul T

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    The reason I started this post was to see the many different choises we have. To the devel dogs wife BZ! And to the many past and present
    from Dahlgren who was a Doctor or maby even General Pulaski to the red haired kid next door boy or girl who answers freedoms call. I know I tend to get on my soap box at times but to me freedom is never cheap. I do have many more heroes but they bought my freedom with there time and sacrafice these people Ill never meet. That means my friends all of you
    may be my heroes also,you just may never know......

    Had an uncle in the Marines who was KIA on Wake in the first Japanese attack in 41. He is Intered at the Punch bowl in Hawaii.
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    My uncles, one was an Army Combat Engineer in the South Pacific, one was in Army Air Corps/Air Force as a B-17 mechanic in England during WW2 and the other was in the Marines in father-in-law who was in the Army and landed at Anzio, was taken prisoner during the Battle of the Bulge and freed by Patton's forces (one of two that survived out of a group of 26) stepson who was in the Army and went to Bosnia to clear mine fields...and most of all, my father who was wounded and decorated in Korea, became a DI at Parris Island and gave up a possible pro baseball career to do it.
    None of these men ever bragged about what they did; it was their duty. To them and countless others who answered the call, I say thank you.
  10. Rambo

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    General Moyshe Dayan (sp) of Israel. I rank him just above our own General George Patton. Some soldiers save their comrades through heroic actions but these two Generals possibly saved their countries. I know Israel exists today because of General Dayan's planning and actions in 1967. He saved his entire country by defeating enemies outnumbering his army ten times their number and equipment.
  11. Paul T

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    If youre wondering why the original post was screwed up, I was trying to save some space. Were still lering computer here.
  12. Grumpus

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    My heroes are the guys and girls who do their duty, unpopular as it may be, and might not be decorated or recognized otherwise, but just - as we always say - "soldier on." Doesn't matter to me if they spent a tour cleaning latrines in South Baghdad. They went in my place, because I can't anymore.
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    Geez, what happens when you two get in fights? Does she whoop on you good?
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    My grandpa is my biggest, joined the Navy when he was 16 (lied about his age). He and his family imagrated here from Russia and he saw it fit to fit for this country. He was part of the Pacific fleet in WWII. That is all I know about his service, he never spoke of it other than that and what the did to each other when it was their first time crossing the equater. My other heros are all the soldiers I had the privlage of serving with over the past 10 years.
  15. Seabeescotty

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    You've all summed it up very well, so all I can add is this, my heroes are all who stand up and defend our country, regardless of the cost to them personally.