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My military vehicle part 2

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by billy, Oct 22, 2016.

  1. Got left without adult supervision again.
    Gave myself a little trim

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  2. Does anyone else have a cold head or is it just me?

  3. tnmedic

    tnmedic G&G Evangelist

    I cut my hair w/o a guard as close to the skull as I can anymore without breaking out a razor to shave it afterwards. So yeah my head is usually very cold, carhartt stocking cap keeps it warm tho so I got that going for me
  4. Running great!
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  5. Since it IS a cheapo one from JEGS ($70 shipped)
    I have the original parts in one of the storage compartments and left the ballast mounted to the firewall.
    I could swap it out quick in an emergency.
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  6. My idle is low enough that at redlights the headlights dim and forget about having the heater on.
    the ambulance is a low rpm vehicle and I am not willing to turn the idle up just so the delco alternator will kick in.
    So after a ton of searching (i dunno why its so hard to find smaller pulleys)
    I ordered this one last night.
    This payday i will get some selectro hubs as well.
    Some apps might require a different length belt., typically not though.
    Standard 17mm rotor bore
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  7. tnmedic

    tnmedic G&G Evangelist

    I had a Camaro that used to do that at red lights but that was just cam and engine setup, hehe, it sure would get to the next red light in a hurry
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  8. Pulled the trigger on these.
    They are my favorite kind necause i can switch em with mittens.
    Period correct too. FB_IMG_1487376429017.jpg
  9. Brandhard

    Brandhard G&G Evangelist

    You're making me want one of these stupid things Billy!
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  10. They are big fun.
    I love unusual old 4x4s.
    I have heard it called a neck stretcher
    ******* sick ride
    And the coolest car in town
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  11. Believe it or not fellas.
    My wife dont give me crap for my cars OR my guns.
    Both pricey hobbies
    And we aint rich
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  12. I think i am going to order the windshield rubber gaskets today.
    Then i will be able to open them but still be sealed when closed.
    They are gorilla taped shut right now
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  13. have a overdrive pulley for the alternator
    Locking hubs
    And the windshield rubber gaskets to install.
    This kind of stuff is fun.
    Not like that frikinfrakin complete rewire...
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  14. Keep this on the down low but
    I LOVE buying parts for my trucks,guns,kitchen etc.
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  15. Mr.tbolt

    Mr.tbolt G&G Enthusiast

    do you carry a floor jack around with you? I hate changing the 235/75/15's on my jeep, I'd be dead trying to change that tire.
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  16. Next is my alternator overdrive pulley.
    This should be easy too.
    A while back i bought an electric impact wrench and while i dont use it often.
    When i need it
    Nothing else will do the job FB_IMG_1488232730204.jpg
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  17. No
    Just a bottle jack with a big plate welded to the bottom
    These tires are 100 lbs each
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  18. Well fer cryin out loud.
    No wonder my ambulance is always right on the edge electrically.
    My alternator only puts out 66amps
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