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i've got an old mossberg model 340k from 1965 with an old weaver scope(don't know how powerful the scope is, but since it's getting old should I get a newer production .22 over this one. and the bolt system is different form most bolt action rifles. you'd have to see it since I don't own a scanner. so watch think everyone?

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New Haven 240k and the Western Field 830 were other models that are the same as your Mossy. Its a very fine rifle for a .22. Its up to you
model 340B, 340K, 340KA
action type bolt
adj. trigger no
stock 340B eary 340K W-Schnadle
340, 340KA Walnut
barrel 24" tapered
lengh 43.5"
weight 6.6lbs
feed type clip
cartridge S-L-LR
capacity 7
clip type 1220
front 340B S320, 340K, 340KA none
hood 340B 1271, 340K, 340KA n/a
rear 340B S137, 340K, 340KA S134
reciever 340B S330, 340K, 340KA none
apeture 340B 1287, 340K, 340KA n/a
scope mount grooved
front S118
rear S118
began 340B early1958, late 1960 340K 1958 340KA1960
ended 340B early 1960, late 1961,340K 1960 340KA 1961
years 340B early 3, late 2 340K 3, 340KA 2 yrs.
cost 340B 33.95, 340K, 340KA 30.95
As for "needing" a new firearm? sure you do. LOL
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