My Nephew Has Cancer

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by frenchy, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. frenchy

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    My friends please pray for my nephew Gerry he went into the hospital in alot of pain and they found a cancerous [mass?] in his kidney and a node on his lung that might be the same cancer as is in his kidney, but the doctors are not sure. Tomorrow is when we will find out more; he is having an [MRI ?] scan(or a biopsy, I am not sure.)Gerry's birth made me an uncle at 6 years old and we have always been close and love to shoot.
  2. grizcty

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    Brother Dale,

    We will be glad to pray for Gerri.
    And add both of you, to our prayer list.

    Keep us updated.

    Take care, be safe.
    God Bless.

  3. Dale I just wrote a note to remind me to pray for Gerry as often as I can. Would you mind calling the 700 Club prayer group and John Hagee's prayer group ? Or looking them up on the net And other's you may know of.
    The note to pray is now next to my monitor to keep me reminded buddy. I'll be praying for all involved in Gerrys life as well....God bless you ...Mike
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    Dale ,
    I will certainly add Gerry and family to the prayers List.
    May he find the courage he needs to battle this too...
  5. grizcty

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    Hey AH,

    Was just thumbing John Hagee's monthly magazine.
    When your reply popped up.

    Here is their Prayer line # 210-491-5100

    Another is Billy Graham
    Toll-Free: 1-877-2GRAHAM (1-877-247-2426) Call between 7:00 a.m. and Midnight Eastern Time
  6. petrol

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    best wishes and thoughts for your nephew.
  7. CalifgirlinOk

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    I'm so sorry to hear this bad news.
    Prayers sent to all of you...
  8. White Rook

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    Prayers sent. May the good Lord Bless Gerry and all concerned...
  9. Cyrano

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    New York
    Prayers sent.
  10. Bigfoot

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    Afton NY
    Prayers sent! May God bless Gerry all of you!
  11. Bigfoot

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    Afton NY
    Correction. May God bless Gerry, and all of you.
  12. Windwalker

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    Dale, prayers sent for Gerry, you and the families. Please keep us informed. Blessed be the Lord.
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  14. woody1981

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    This is a tough one to understand. You and your nephew are on my prayer list.
  15. frenchy

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    My Nephew Gerry

    Thank you all very much my friends, thank you Mike for that great idea and grizcty for posting the Ph #s, I'll call them as soon as I'm done posting this. Gerry has Renal Cell Carcinoma, they told him a kidney is about the size of a fist and his cancer is the size of a lemon, this thursday noon they will remove that kidney and the lymph nodes on that side of his body. Sometime after his recovery he will start chemo therapy. The last scan showed the node on his lung is to tiny to be a problem, either it isn't cancerous or maybe their relying on the chemo to take care of it. He is in good spirits and his faith is strong, Thank all of you again, and God bless you.
  16. I

    will send a prayer for this person and all concerned/involved.

    My father died a horrible death from cancer first discovered in his lung so I do understand your situation.
  17. CAV88

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    he has a prayer from me
  18. Dragunov

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    Crap.... I'm sorry to hear that brother, You and Gerry have my prayers.
  19. frenchy

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    Thank you all, Today they opperatated on Gerry and the cancer in his kidney that the scans showed to be the size of a lemon the surgeon told us was the size of a football and he lost so much blood even giving him 2 units he did not find or remove any lymph nodes. The cancerous kidney was encapsulated which was good he said. Gerry's body couldn't take any more than what they did today, maybe more later...all of us were shocked at the size as Gerry is not over weight and we thot the scans were accurate. Thank you all again my friends,
  20. grizcty

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    We will gladly, continue to pray for Gerry.