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  1. I gonna' purchase a new rifle in 1 of 4 calibers, either the Rem. Model 7 in 350 Rem. Mag., a Browning A-Bolt stainless stalker in 325 WSM, or a Rem. Model 700 in 35 Whelen, andlast but not lest a Marlin 1895XLR in 45-70. The rifle will be used for everything the size of or bigger than a black bear maxing out at anything bigger than a brownie. Which 1 would you get?
  2. I'd go with the .45/70.

  3. If you were to buy the 35 Whelen you'll end up loveing that caliber.
    It will drop more medium to large game in it's tracks grave yard dead.
    It's a true Sledge Hammer that's not a magnum.

    You can find a wealth of info about it on the net, so take time and look it up.
  4. I like the .45/70. I really like a Lever Action.
  5. I would say not just by your responses but in my head the 45-70 and the Whelen are in the lead. I like the flatter trajectory of the Whelen and the fact I can make brass from cheap 30-06 cases. But I do like the quick shots and good looks the lever offers. Not that 700's aren't pretty.
  6. None of them

    Go for a Winchester .458 magnum.
    If you encounter a charging grizzly you need close range put down power.
    There are times when you must realize what really is needed in a big game gun.
  7. I don't think you'll find a 700 in 35 whelen though thet do or did have the caliber in there semi-auto center fire rifles.
    I've got a 2008 catolog here I'll look and see . I'll be back !
    V,P Remington, Ruger, and Browning do not build a 35 Whelen's in boltacton nor leveraction.
    I didn't check Savage or Weatherby.
    H&R was building a 35 Whelen single shot but they drop it this year.
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  8. lefty o

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    i kinda like the whelen.
  9. The only animal I'll ever want it for is an elephant. Way to much gun man. I'll never be alone when hunting griz', a 458 Mag is unneeded.
  10. Midas

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    Why aren't you considering the .338 Win Mag? it's more common, and hits harder than the other cartridges mentioned.
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  12. I just don't need it. The primary use is Black Bear and Elk.

    Plus the 325 WSM is about as much recoil as I want to deal with for most game.
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  13. And the poor wretched .338 don't come in a Lever Action!
    .338 only come in door latch guns.
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    The Remington 700 was offered in 35 Whelen at one time, and there have been several of them for sale on gunbroker, new in box and used. Some of them with fairly good prices.
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    Well since you rule out the .338wm, I would opt for the 35 whelen.
  16. To VikingPreacher

    I can understand if you will never be alone. If you are in a group or at least with a person you absolutely feel will be mentally up to dealing with a charging bear then you would not need a .458 mag.

    Just note people do freeze up in times of crisis and you may be the one to make the decision for action.

    I tend to gravitate to the most powerful backup gun when the prospect
    of a charging large animal is in the discussion. Please note this cartridge is not unfamiliar to a number of guides.

    Anyway, good luck and good shooting.
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    I'd get the .35 Whelen or the 45-70.
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    Don't get a caliber that you will be scared of. I personally won't own a cal. that I can't shoot on a regular basis. IMO, if I can't shoot the gun enugh to be confident in my shot placement, I don't need to be pointing it at a living animal.
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    For what you state,the .30-06 with the right bullet choice will do it all.The 7mm rem. mag.will do it better up close and will reach a little further,flatter.I wonder how long the Fed..325 will last.To me an 8mm mauser would be as good.The .325 is really .323,same as the 8mm.
  20. What if I freeze up? Then it won't matter if I had a 10/22 or a 458. Many charging grizzlies have been stopped with lesser cartridges. I'm not charge stopping either I'm hunting, most of the time there isn't a life or death charge when your hunting. Make your shots count and you'll be fine.