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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by SteveG, Aug 4, 2002.

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    :assult: Me

    :assult: My Lovely Wife

    Well, we finally shot the CETME today. All I can say is DA*M! After the I have read hundreds of reviews on this rifle, I was very skeptical of buying one. When they went down to $299 from SOG, I figured what the heck. My wife wanted me to get one, just so I would shut up about it.

    Ok, ok to point....I only shot 60 rounds through it, but they were flawless. No failure to feeds no failures to extract. We used two alloy G3 mags and one of the CETME mags that came with the rifle. We were shooting close today, 25m and as expected, every hit was in the "X" ring. Ammo was TZ 80 (Isreal Sep 80).

    This gun is AWESOME!!! My wife loves this gun almost as much as the M1.

    God Bless

    Steve G in NE
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    Congratulations on the wife. Oh yeah, and the CETME too.

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    Thanks BattleRifle. This one's (the wife I mean) a keeper! :)

    Steve G