My new CMP M1

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  1. Received a mostly-correct 1943 M1 from CMP while I was on vacation. Comments/questions appreciated.

    I took my CMP SA SG M1 apart last night and here's what I found. I used Scott Duff's book and a data sheet provided by a friend)

    1. s/n: 1950277 (late-Sept., 1943)
    2. barrel: SA 9-1943
    3. muzzle - takes an M2 to about 3/16" of the bullet showing
    4. barrel band: flat, later style
    5. Latch clip - square front
    6. bolt: a -12 SA with a S-06 (diamond) -1943
    7. op-rod a -6SA, apparently uncut (also 1943) an "M" on the handle
    8. receiver marks: B-12D [diamond] w/ large "7" plus a "-30" with the drawing no.
    9. ferrule: stamped
    10. bullet guide: forged - no side cuts
    11. follower: forged with stamped "8" - late-1941
    12. follower arm - no bevel
    13. op-rod catch: late SA (1941 or later)
    14. follower rod: long-fork, sta,mped, riveted - early 1944 and later
    15. Trigger housing: a -12SA (1943)
    16. trigger guard: forged - no markings
    17. hammer: -2SA (1941-42)
    18. safety: SA-11 (1943-45)
    19. front sight SA 5/8" no markings
    20. gas cylinder - WINCHESTER! - wider sight base, round rear barrel ring.
    21. gas cylinder lock: champfered WWII
    22. lock screw - four-slot w/ P O (Henry Owens)
    23. Rear sight: T105; SA ribbed sight base; SA windage knob w/ "NHC"
    24. Stock: walnut; only discernable marking: a 1/8" "670" just ahead of the butt plate. No "P" - maybe a part of a cartouche, but nothing readable. Possible evidence of sanding. Usual dings and dents
    25. handguards - walnut - appear to match stock - metal stamped late WWII.

    Comments: I'm very pleased with this rifle - I wanted a mid-war rifle with at least a matching barrel and not only got that but most other major parts appear to match as well. It has a few later parts, evidence of a mild rebuild, possibly at the lower level. The Winchester gas cylinder was a surprise. I double-checked and it does have a round rear barrel ring - no evidence of a "flat-top", used by SA.

    Minor disappointment with the T105 sight and no cartouches on the stock, but I would call this picky on my part (evidence of the "...what do you want, eggs in your beer?" -syndrome!). Even the stock appears to have been sanded and looks original, not a rebuild.

    Interested to hear comments, especially on the Winchester gas cylinder.

    Sorry for the long post - waiting a loong time and it was WELL worth the wait - just the M1 I wanted!

    Thanks, CMP!
  2. Rick--

    How does the bore look? Is the muzzle in good shape?

  3. Doesn't look brand-new by any means, but looks good enough. I'll try doing some shotting with this one, but my other M1 a #335652 rebuild is a real tack-driver.