My new CZ!! 453 in .22LR

Discussion in 'CZ' started by Paper, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. billy

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    i have the 452 varmint.
    what a rifle!
    i am thinking of hanging my mueller eradicator 6.5x25 50mm off it.
    it is accurate enough to actually be able to use that much glass.
  2. Yes they can be very accurate.
    Here's my 453 Varmint with 4.5X14X42 Burris, in CZ rings.


    This target is 25 shots from 50 yards:
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  3. Paper

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    Ok.. I'm digging this up to ask a question of the CZ knowledgeable.

    When I was trying to have some weight taken out of the stock, the "Gunsmith" who was doing the work clamped the stock in a vice.. He put two flats on both sides of the handguard.. (No, it wasn't me, oddly enough)

    While this has no affect on the shooting of the rifle, it ticks me off every time I see what he did to my stock..

    So, in an attempt to eliminate this and also dress the rifle up I'm kicking around a (gulp) Boyd's thumbhole laminate stock. Boyd's lists the stock for a 452 Heavy, but not a 453.. I was under the assumption that both rifles were the same except for the trigger.

    Anybody have any experience with both and can tell me if the 453 will fit in a 452 stock?

    I think there's other options like a McMillian, but I like the thumbhole look..
  4. Deep13

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    Well I don't know the answer.

    I have a Burris FF2 3-9x40mm on my 453. I shoot 3" targets at 100 yards. Very accurate. I use the tangent sights on my 452FS at 50 yards.
  5. Deep13

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    I have one just like it with a Burris FF2 40mm scope. I shoot 3" targets at 100 yards with it. Can't decide if it is my favorite .22 or if it my 452 FS.