my new dream truck

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by jerry, Sep 10, 2010.

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    One problem, Its still a ford!!!!

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    WOW!!! High-speed internet sounds good to me. While your going after bad guys you can be logged on G&G and never miss
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    unlike GM and Chrysler...Ford is Obama free:moon:
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    YEP, I'm starting a new savings account JUST FOR one of those!

    Bug out BAG? $%&* that! I'm getting a bug out APC!

    Not to mention, the Raptor is the most capable off road production vehicle in the US.

    Yes, (unless I'm confusing it with another model) they are designed to take 3 foot ramps, at 70 miles per how, back to back, while turning. Incredible suspension (both in strength and range), professional off-road-racing tires, and a BIG engine.
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    A 4x4 non armored version may make me think twice about my Tacoma.............
  8. BarryHalls

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    Just take a look at the Raptor.

    I've always loved Toyota's off road capability. They are just very light and strong, but Ford's traction control, and the Raptor's hardware, are outstanding.

    Of course, tacomas start at 18k, and Raptors start at 60k lol.
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  9. BarryHalls

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    Toughest, longest lasting trucks there are.
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    WOW !! Thats an awesome vehicle !!
  12. sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!! lol I want one!
  13. 9mmXDm

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  14. I like it. Will never be able to afford it, but I like it.
  15. When will you people learn the best offroad capable vehicle is a jeep hands down. Besides the 4.0 inline 6 is one of the strongest engines out there.
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    That is a nice looking truck and way out of my price range. It certainly would be fun to have though if you had the money to throw around.

    Jeeps are capable offroad but they are like harleys. Always need work to keep em in tip top shape. The toyota on the other hand will stand up to the abuse. The only thing that the big three have going for them in my opinion is their 3/4 and 1 ton with the towing and hauling capacity. If Toyota were to unveil a heavy duty truck with diesel motor I could see the big 3's truck market going bye bye.
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    I've had to drive F-150's for years as company vehicles and have even driven a Kings Range F-150 and they all are rough riding stiff suspensioned trucks. Long trips were miserable.
  19. Looks cool. Cartels will gobble them up.
  20. 9mmXDm

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    Put a Dillon minigun in the back and I am good to go.