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My "New" Garand

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I am actually feelinfg like a kid at Christmas. I ordered an M-1 Garand from a Mr. Tony Giacobbe from Rahway, N.J. . He rebuilt this weapon from the ground up. New barrel(.308), new stock, it just looks like a brand new weapon right out of the box. I got 10 clpis with it, a sling, and the M-1 Garand handbook. I just keep looking at this thing with total admiration for the work that this man did to restore this weapon. The sn is 2482496 on a Springfield reciever. I always read what you guys post and I am very happy to join the "Garand" family. You guys should check out his website @


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I bet Tony put a new 308 barrel on it as I did myself then cut it to chamber properly. Tony isn't going to sell any guns that wouldn't work but even with this in mind I have my own head space gauges to test all of my rifles.
Notice on his web site Tony has 100432 and 100433 in his photos. I have 100434 now thats neat for a Educationl series serial numbers. Enjoy ltcboy let us know how it shoots. Rick B
Probably or Springfield if you call him or email him he would tell you with no problem he has always been honest with me. Rick B
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