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My "New" Garand

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I am actually feelinfg like a kid at Christmas. I ordered an M-1 Garand from a Mr. Tony Giacobbe from Rahway, N.J. . He rebuilt this weapon from the ground up. New barrel(.308), new stock, it just looks like a brand new weapon right out of the box. I got 10 clpis with it, a sling, and the M-1 Garand handbook. I just keep looking at this thing with total admiration for the work that this man did to restore this weapon. The sn is 2482496 on a Springfield reciever. I always read what you guys post and I am very happy to join the "Garand" family. You guys should check out his website @


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You said .308 , is the chamber cut for .308 Winchester or 7.62 NATO ?

I would buy a .308 no-go & check the headspace , no matter what .

If it is chambered for 7.62 NATO , I beleave ( please correct me if I am wrong ) it can fail a .308 Win no-go & still be within NATO specs ?

When I bought a M1A , I checked the HS . It was fine , but as they say on the X-Files , " Trust No One ! " .

God Bless

PS Congratulations ! You will love it & 7.62 NATO ammo should work fine for plinking & is cheaper than .30-06 . :)
Originally posted by ltcboy

Mr. Giacobbe installed a new .308 barrel on the weapon. After I stripped the rifle down, I saw a white plastic like clip that was in stalled to prevent the chambering of a clip of 30.06. I called Mr. Giacobbe and he said that since the reciever was originally 30.06 he had to do this. It looks like it is fixed there for good. I want to take a picture of the rifle and post it so you can see what I am speaking of.

Yes , I am familiar with this " filler " , have seen it in plastic . My 7.62 NATO Garand has one that is metal , stamped PB , Potro Beretta (sp) .

The rifle will function kust fine with out the " filler " , it is there for safety reasons . The thought is to prevent someone from loading a clip of .30-06 by mistake . Since .30-06 is longer , if you tried to chamber a round ( particurally bu letting the bolt fly forward ) , the bolt & round of ammo would come to a very sudden stop .

This presents a bosability , that if the frimer was sensitive or high , of detting the round off . In that case the bolt would be about 1/2" deom locking . This is called an out of battery fireing . The results are very bad ! :-(

Even if this did not happen , the live round of ammo would probably be jammed into the chamber , posably very tightly . An unplesant problem

I have a question for you guys, I was on a website and they were selling U.S. & Isreali .308 ammo for $89.00 per thousand. They claim its boxer primed, all brass, 147grn. fmj. Is this to good to be true???


Be sure and ask for the total amount including freight . Amo is HEAVY .

I always cross check prices against the price for the same thing at . They pay the freight on ammo orders over $ 50.00 . That can make the difference .

I bought 2,000 rounds of Indian 7.62 NATO for Y2K , from Century , for around $ 100 / 1,000 .

I checked the SOG site & the $ 8900 is for slightly tarnished . I would bet the slightly dented was once linked on MG belts . Probably OK .

God Bless
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