My New Howa 1500

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by SavvyShooter, May 5, 2008.

  1. SavvyShooter

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    Hey guys, I just picked this up this weekend. It's a Howa model 1500 in .204 ruger. It's got a floating bull barrel and a ventilated laminate stock.

    I put one of my NcStar scopes on it. It's a mark3 rangefinder reticle scope at 4-16 magnification with open adjustments, parallax and illum. reticle (model SM3RAO41650G). Shoots like a dream so far - look out coyotes!

    I'd like to know what others think about Howa and the .204 caliber in general as a varmit rifle. I paid $500 for this gun without the scope.

  2. lorcin25

    lorcin25 Guest

    Very pretty. Never shot one but I have heard good things.

  3. OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!! That rifle is BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!!!!! Can I have it ? LOL

    I swear that is a breath takeing looking rifle I'd LOVE to own.

    I gotta have one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm headed to Legacy to look at them !
  4. Midas

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    Very nice looking rifle, and Howas are known to be accurate.
  5. Howa are good rifles.Dont know about the 204,ive got 222 and 22/250
  6. samuel

    samuel G&G Newbie

    That is one sweet setup. I think Howa,s are an extremely accurate out of the box rifle with surprisingly good fit and finish.I have two .204,s a bolt action and a varmint class AR and the .204 cartridge is great.I learned a lot about what you could get out of a small cartridge.I didnt believe they could shoot with a .22-250 but soon learned they could do better.(not by much).One heck of a varmint round. sam.
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  7. sniper1958

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    Congrats! I had a Howa 1500 stamped "Smith & Wesson" chambered in .30-06. It hated factory loads (1990's) but was a beast with reloads. I got .250" at 100 yards with 200 grain and 165 grain Nosler Partitions. You will love this rifle!!!!
  8. sell33

    sell33 G&G Enthusiast

    wow that is a great lookin rifle, i would love to have a 204 myself but that does not quite fit into my budget at the moment....
  9. SavvyShooter

    SavvyShooter Guest

    Thank you all for your comments.

    @Sell33: it didn't fit into my budget when I walked into the shop, but it did once I saw it!

  10. rdale501

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    Savvy: I have a CZ 527 American with a lamimated stock in .204 Ruger. I'm starting to love this round. There are several good bullets made for it. So far mine likes the 30 gr. Burger best. Did you buy that new. Mine was and it went for 535. I didn't get a ventalated stock, and wish I had. I really like the looks of your Howa...good job. I did get a really nice set trigger.
  11. sell33

    sell33 G&G Enthusiast

    Lol thats how i usually am too, but it helps if I am not broke...i just started work today so that may happen to me soon too! lol
  12. SavvyShooter

    SavvyShooter Guest

    I bought it new-ish. Someone had purchased and returned it and I think they fired it a few times. It is in flawless condition though - I inspected it thoroughly.

    I fired 40 rounds through it and the trigger is okay. It's not amazing but it's not shabby for a stock trigger. The gunsmith/shop owner I bought it from said he'd work it over for me for $25 which is a good deal. I think most, including him, usually charge 40-60.

    The other gun I looked at was a 22-250 savage with an accutrigger. I liked that trigger but I immediately fell in love with the Howa :)
  13. Legba

    Legba G&G Newbie

    Nice gun!! How much does it weigh?
  14. SavvyShooter

    SavvyShooter Guest

    Heh, I haven't weighed it but somewhere in the realm of "a lot"

    It's not the sorta gun you'd want to trapse around in the woods with but I think it'll be a charm for laying down with a bipod and picking off coyotes from several hundred yards.

    Okay, just got curious and weighed it as best I could on our household scale. Looks like roughly 10lbs?
  15. SavvyShooter

    SavvyShooter Guest

    Hmmm, it keeps removing my posts. Anyone have any idea why? I replied twice and both posts are gone. No links, photos or bad language.....any other reason it would get moderated or something?
  16. I don't know, but i do know I like your new rifle !!!! thanks a million for shareing it with us too !
  17. Righteous

    Righteous Guest

    HOWA's are great guns, I have a SS 270 and love it, as for the .204 it will last you about about 1000 rounds or so then the barrel will be shot out due to the speed of that round over time.
  18. SavvyShooter

    SavvyShooter Guest

    I'd heard that about high speed rounds but I'd also heard that having a bull barrel helps. That's unfortunate news because I shoot a lot. Hopefully this one will hold up for awhile.

    Since my prior replies disappeared I'll re-respond to a couple posts above:

    @legby: I weighed the gun after I read your post...according to my junky household scale it weighs about 10lbs. It's a pretty heavy gun. I wouldn't want to hike a long ways with it....

    @rdale: I bought it newish. It was sold to another guy who shot it once or twice and then decided it wasn't exactly what he wanted. I inspected it thoroughly though and it's in flawless condition.
  19. Congrats on the new rifle Savvy. Haven't heard anything bad about 'em. Happy shootin'...
  20. Lng Rng

    Lng Rng G&G Newbie

    Great looking rifle savvyshooter. And not to worry, the barrel will last longer than 1000 rounds, and I am willing to bet over 2000 rounds. Samuel will be able to go more in depth.