My New M-44

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  1. thanks all for the info!! now i need to know how to use striper clips?? i never had a gun that used them. also what ate the best type clips to use??? And how does my Polish M 44 rate with the other M 44?? Again thanks everyone!!!!
  2. Dennis

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    It all depends on condition as far as collectability
    As far as usefulness and accuracy they are all about the same,
    which is DANG good

  3. PAPA G

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    TAPCO advertises them, use the link and order some.:D
  4. toolman

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    the stripper clips are pretty much self-explanatory when you see them but just in case,here goes:you load five rounds in the clip side by side,slide the loaded clip into the two notches in the top of the receiver, use your thumb to push all five rounds into the mag in one smooth motion then pull the empty clip far as best type to use,i prefer the steel clips from tapco as they don't take as much effort to "strip" the cartridges as the brass clips and are also cheaper and more durable. mosin nagant strippers don't work quite as smoothly or quickly as,say,a mauser or s.k.s. but do a pretty fair job anyway. good luck and keep'em smokin' !