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Discussion in 'AR15' started by blaster, May 15, 2018.

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    I was browsing Palmetto State Armory's web site and saw a great deal on a 10.5 in. 5.56 cal. complete upper with the bolt/carrier & charging handle.:) they call it "blemished" but I can't see anything wrong with it. I have been wanting a 5.56 pistol upper to inter change with my 9 in. 300 Black Out upper. while I think the 300 BLK is a much better round out of a short barrel, there are times when a 5.56 has advantages. (cheap & radially available ammo for one) I don't plan on putting my suppressor on it. (much) I just want it for a compact Personal Defense Weapon/blast o matic. when I came home for lunch today, the big brown truck of happiness left the new upper and the iron sights I ordered for it! so I put them on, oiled the bolt and headed to my range.:D the skeeters were horrendous but I managed to put a couple of hundred flawless functioning rounds though it.:cool: I couldn't believe that the sights were almost dead on out of the box! I didn't have to touch the elevation and only had to bring the rear to the right a couple of clicks. good thing cause like I said the skeeters were bad!:eek: I may or may not put a red dot on it down the line. probably a rail to mount a light too.

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    I would think the mosquitoes would fall dead due to the muzzle blast.

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    I love my 10.5" 223 upper. It is a blast to shoot, and its so easy to maneuver and handle, that I'm fairly certain it will be the piece I grab when I hear that bump in the night!

    If you don't mind my asking, how good a deal did you get?
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    just less than $250. just the BCG & charging handle would cost around $100. if bought seperatly.
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    I use a PSA 10.5 upper along with a ruger lower with their ept nib trigger group as my go-to HD gun. Mine has a shockwave on it. Great choice imho.

    I do run mine suppressed with an omega which seems to work well with a ST-T2 buffer and their NiB bcg.

    With the specwar flash hider it’s not bad outdoors to shoot but I wouldn’t want the sound indoors. Especially since my chance of having ear pro is nil if I have to grab it on short notice.
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    Really cool man, I pistol ar in 5.56 is on my wish list too. im also thinking 10.5 or maybe even 11.5
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