My New Rem 700 VTR

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by hzrdous, May 3, 2008.

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    I bought the new Rem. VTR today in .308, I started shooting three round groups with 150gr ballistic tips with the average group just over .750, my best group was .548 and my biggest was .821 I figure with the right reload I should at least be at .500 or hopefully under. The only down side is the muzzle break and the stock, I found it to do little for recoil but alot for noise, as for the stock it's not aluminum bedded or anything just cheap plastic, I'm sure that wil be the first upgrade to the rifle. All in All I think It's a cool looking gun with probably average accuracy for not a whole lot of money.
  2. I would just glass bed it and make sure the barrel is free floated to pillar bed the gun I think takes a different stock, and if it is the gun i am thinking of with the triangle barrel it may be hard to find a stock to fit it, and those are nice groups for a remington out of the box. I have a model 70 Stealth II that shoots .24 to .34 inch groups, if you subtract bullet diameter the groups are .016 to .116 i think... not bad for a 223 WSSM that everybody hates, but those are great groups from that gun, I really would hand load before you go messing with the rifle it's self because then you might screw up something and it won't shoot worth crap.:sad2:

  3. those VTR's look like cool zombie guns
  4. yeah, they have appeal to some people but I guess I am more of a traditional gun person, but if it shoots good don't knock it.
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    What was the range of the target?
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    Hopefully not 750 yards with open sights :).
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    I had the Rem. Sendero Heavy Barrelled, 300RUM. It had the solid composite stock, not the hollow type. The 300RUM drives a 150gr pill pretty fast, and powerfully. The combination of barrel weight and a solid stock, made for a very accurate platform.
  8. My 223 WSSM shoots those groups at 100 yards with a 8z32 scope
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    I don't hate the 223 wssm!! lol. In fact i love it. Mine shoots about .5 moa with factory loads, i don't reload. Ammo has been expensive and hard to find though...until today! i was at MC Sports and they "just wanted to get rid of it" and had it marked down to 8.97 for the 55 gr soft points i shoot regularly. Needless to say i bought 5 boxes and i think i will go back tomorrow. They have the 64 gr. power points too i may as well pick some of them up also, I go one today but i have never shot these
  10. 64 powerpoints suck mine will not hold 3 inches with them I wish I found that kind of bargin get as much as you can as fast as you can glad to see some 223 WSSM fans here
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    i will...and since i do not reload if you are ever in need of once fired brass pm me i would be glad to give it up cheap
  12. how much brass? how cheap?
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    sorry to take over this thread lol but i have only shot a little over 2 boxes so far and i honeslty have no idea on value.....i have about 6 full boxes now though that will be shot up at some point and i am going to buy more tomorrow i believe...what is brass worth lol?
  14. for 40 rnds brand new winchester is 19 bucks
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    so how bout once i said if you want them they are me we just jacked this thread lol
  16. This is a stick up... sorry guys
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    back to the point of this thread....sorry:(....i must say i love the look of those guns with the regular it really that bad?? i have only held one and didn't notice it feeling all the bad...but you have it not me! i wonder if you would have to make (or order) a custom stock with that triangular barrel?
    PS that is not bad shootin if those are factory loads.
  18. I don't know but I don't like the look of it... plus I have yet to see a national match won with any barrel shape but round...
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    The muzzle break does little for recoil. That makes me sad, I thought what a great deal already has a muzzle break. Oh well, I guess I will buy the howa for $399.00 I came across, and pay to have a muzzle break put on it. A gunsmith I met charges 250.00 to put on a muzzle break, and I have been told he does flawless work (Is this a good price?) I have never done this to a gun before.
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    Personally, I don't understand the point of a muzzle break on a bolt action rifle (For 30-06 and smaller cartridge). They make noise, but a recoil pad will kill recoil better than a muzzle break.