My new RIA purchase, how'd I do????

Discussion in '1903' started by DrCarbine, Apr 20, 2002.

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    Picked up a cherry RIA #302xxx and original BBl RIA 10-18.....the bore is bright and shiny with no pitting or darkness to it. I believe the bolt to be a SA due to the swept back handle marked NS for nickel steel. Parkerize about a cartouches on the wood anywhere except for a letter "s" up front on the lower stock/bbl band area.......received a letter from Bruce Canfield stating this rifle is OK to fire since it is a high number RIA with modern surplus ammo. I paid $'d I do fellas?....thankyou in advance.......Thomas
  2. What kind of stock? Fingergroove? Scant? Stock bolts? The bolt is a replacement, nickel/steel bolts not being used until #319XXX Rock Island. The barrel and rec. seem to match.

    Let me know what kid of stock and I might be able to tell you what the "s" means. Also, measure how big the "s" mark is - 1/8" or 1/4".

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    Scant stock, the leter "s" is the bigger of the two......bought the boof from Author Ferris and it is a matching bbl for the receiver.......condition is excellent...........looks like someone had sanded the stock at one time due to the very faint, barely noticable cartouche on the left side grip area, looks to be a R.I.A but cannot be the price about right or did I pay too much?
  4. Scant stock - sort of a semi-pistol grip? Do you mean an S on the very tip of the front of the stock? A scant would reduce the worth of it some, since it's a WWII replacement stock. If it was a correct fingergroove stock (grasping grooves on either side by the rear sight) you would have doner just fine.
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    Rick, are you saying I paid too much then?
  6. Again, a lot depends on condition and matching parts. If it came with a scant stock, not an fingergroove and if it was in average condition, I'd say you paid a little more than what it was worth.

    Having said that, I'll admit that knowing value is not one of my strong points. I'm the type that when car deals see me coming, they get in fistfights over who gets to serve me, knowing that I must have the word "sucker tatooed on my forehead!

    You might repost on the CSP 1903 forum and see.
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    DrCarbine, seems no one wants to say its a good deal; perhaps its jealousy!!! IMHO it is a great deal!!! irregardless of the stock issue.;)
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    Thankyou for the replies here fellas regarding my RIA....I felt it was a better deal for a couple of bucks more than the CMP shooter grade..........Im happy with it, can't wait to fire where the hell do I find an original correct RIA bolt assembly for this rifle and stock????!!!!!.........Thomas
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    DrCarbine, I think five and a quarter for a high number RIA with original barrell/receiver with the barrell in the condition you described is a smokin' deal. In this neck of the woods (Western PA) you couldn't find anyone to part with a piece like that for under $800 bucks easy. Be happy, you done good!