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  1. So I've never really liked the idea of using a shotgun as a survival weapon until i saw this video. My thinking was that yeah, the shotgun is a nice weapon to have, but i would rather have the range of an assault weapon. I knew it was a valuable asset. but this video bumped it up on my list.....
    [ame=]YouTube - Art of the Dynamic Shotgun Trailer - Magpul Dynamics[/ame]
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    Looks really interesting! I'd like to see more from these guys.

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    Welcome my friend to the world of Shotgunning!!!

    My load out in a shtf senerio, has a 12g as primary weapon with a 1911 as secondary. I feel that the shotgun is one of the most versitle weapons platforms out there, sole based on the ammo available to you. You can get everything from specificaly clay pidgeon ammo all the way to deer slugs, you can get frangibale rounds which is powdered led for takin out door locks to beanbag rounds for passive power. The only draw back to a shotgun is weight.

    I have a Remington 870 Magnum Express 12g, it has i think a 26" or 28" barrel (lets just say its freakin long). I got a tube extension for it, added an additional 5rnds, so it is now a 9 + 1 or a 10rnd shotgun. Heavy as all get out 9lbs fully loaded, thats not counting the side saddle's i can attach. For me though, its perfectly ok, my security load out for like doing patrol or for doing guard duty in a shtf senerio is about 200rnds with just my 1st line gear belt, vest and ammo carriers. heavy yes, but worth its weight in gold for throwin a shite load of lead down range in a hurry.
  4. I love my 12ga pump and it is my first choice if I hear something in the night. I would not hesitate to grab it if I had to run. I knew it was versatile, but this video shows there is so much to learn about the weapons we may aready have.
  5. Great video. I turned my 28" Mav 88 into a tacticle 20" two yrs ago. I can still take clays and dove with it. Buckmark micro left holster, 1911 right holster, Mav 88 left shoulder, AR right shoulder. Tac vest and BOB. That's a load, but I'm improving my endurance with longer bike rides.
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    If I could only have ONE WEAPON, and got to choose any weapon, and didn't know WHAT environment I was going into, or what tasks I may need to accomplish, I would have a 14" barreled Saiga 12 with changeable chokes.

    Shotguns are VERY VERY versatile and powerful.

    With commercial shotguns and rifled barrels, new slugs top 400 yards. . .

    Shotguns are my GO TO weapon for almost everything.
  7. In a shtf situation i am still going to carry my main battle rifle just because i've got a hell of a lot more training on it and i like being able to knock a dude off at 500 yards. but i think if i was patrolling in an urban environment or in the woods i would sling the AR and keep the shotgun at the ready. It's hard now though bc i have the ps90 now and i love it and it was gonna be my run and gun weapon to get supplies or whatever the case may be but now i'm thinking shotgun would be better. Either way, I will either carry the AR or the SCAR and a shotgun or at the least someone more profficient than I will rock the shotgun. I will have a shotgun with me always though. I need to get rid of some weapons. choices are gonna get me killed. Don't worry, I slapped myself for saying that.
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    something to think about though, if ya dont want to rock the shotgun as the primary weapon, turn it into a short barreled shotgun with a 4 + 1rnd capacity and put a pistol grip on it. could be used as a backup or as a room sweeper with the right rnds for it or use it as a door breacher... lots of choices for sure.
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    Seriously, up close, nothing beats a shotgun. Saiga 12 is the best close quarter weapon ever made.

    The main reason I got a mossy pump, 2 actually, is because the long barrel and chokes, from the factory, are the best active meat acquiring system I know of. With one gun, doing nothing more than changing ammo, you can take anything from moose to squirrels on one hunting trip. Of course a quick barrel (and possibly mag) change and you've got a .72 rifle. . . nasty stuff.


    Seriously, this is they way I've always hunted, carrying as many different kinds of ammo as I legally can, and switching to whatever kind of game is most abundant, particularly while floating a creek. On more than one occasion my dad in particular has bagged a limit on ducks, a deer, and a hand full of squirrels. that's a LOT of meat for one days work.

    Of course, he's had a bit of practice.

    I still believe that in a SHTF situation fending off people will be the smallest part of what we do. Hunting and gathering will be the biggest thing. Those of us who can acquire enough to eat, and keep it, will quickly spread out and leave each other alone, much like it was in frontier days. There were attacks and raids and infighting, but that was a rare occurrence compared to the frequency of firing a gun at game.

    I mentioned different barrels. they don't really save much money, but they save a LOT of kit.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    whats awesome is the make a breacher barrell for the 870 18.5"

    im still going to carry a battle rifle, but im not going to use it for primary unless i need it for that roll...

    in my group of "shtf people" im the shotgunner and i love my roll as that person.
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    Sounds like me. In the range of buckshot, give me the 12, past that. . . give me .308.

    In true 'civilized' combat, I prefer the 5.56, but in SHTF .308 hollow-points open up wounds the size of soccer balls.
  12. yeah i definately am rethinking my tactics. I think what i need to do is really getting proficient with the shotgun. My main reason for using the AR is bc i'm so proficient with it. I've used it, i know it, im comfortable with it, i love it. It's gonna be hard to get me out of that mindset just bc it's kept me alive before and why fix something that isn't broke. I see serious training sessions in my near future
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    Shotguns make great close quarter to decent midrange defense. A battle rifle will always be my 100+ yard gun, but there is not one reason not to have a shotgun. I do want to put either a folding stock or pistol grip with butt stock on my 870 express magnum and add a 2 or 3 shot extension tube. My 870 may be a little heavy compared to a benelli, but at least it's a start.
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    Slight topic change, but still the same subject: What would you all recommend for a shotgun that I could use for both a survival type scenario (hunting, defense), and for skeet type shooting? I've come to find that shotgun barrels are often easier to swap out (though I've never actually done it), so I'm thinking along the lines of a Remington 870 with two barrels: a short one for defense and a longer one for skeet/hunting.
  15. I had a mossberg 500 with a 28" and a 18.5" and i loved it. HD and hunting.
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    As an all round rifle, close quarter to mid range, the 5.56 is great. I'd almost only want 5.56 in a bull pup though, to accentuate it's close quarter potential with out taking away from it's long range accuracy and power.

    5.56 even usable for big game. You just have to be good enough to get the neck or head. In the thick woods of AL, if you are a good shot, they'll be close enough to pick out the eyes if you want.
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    Fine set up. I've got the 835 with 28" for hunting (LOVE it), and a 500 20" for HD. I need to get a short barrel for my 835, and a slug barrel, again, 1 gun, 3 barrels, less kit for SHTF.

    I slightly prefer the 500, but they are both rock solid.
  18. I unfortunately got rid of the 500 but i plan on getting something new. i think instead of the pistol grip i have and the mossberg 18.5 im looking for a 20" with pistol grip and possibly a fold up buttstock or maybe just a solid one. i dont really know yet. i have so many things on my plate right now and not enough money to do it all. slowly and surely i'm getting where i need to be
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    Nice you have discovered Travis Haley and Chris Costa of Magpul Dynamics. Haley (clean shaven one is the CEO and Costa (beard) is president and director of training.

    They are awesome guys and have been in the training industry for a long time now. Prior to that both had plenty of real world high level military and law enforcement experience as operators and trainers/ instructors as well.

    Haley is former Marine Force Recon and after that worked as a contractor for the US Government and then as sniper for Blackwater. Costa was USCG doing international special operations work with counter drug operations and also working as a US Department of Homeland security adviser amongst other things. He was also tactical operations instructor for a while. Both these people have operated on the two way range in real life and are able to bring real life combat experiences to the table in their training.

    Or even better go take one of their classes and learn from them in person.

    They teach everything from the basics to very advanced levels tactics etc. They are both great instructors too.

    Check out their other DVDs you can buy,

    Art of the Dynamic Handgun
    [ame=]YouTube - Magpul Dynamics - Art of the Dynamic Handgun[/ame]

    The Art of the Dynamic Carbine I and II
    [ame=]YouTube - Magpul Dynamics - Art of the Tactical Carbine 3 DVD Set with Travis Haley and Chris Costa[/ame]

    Vids from their training classes
    [ame=]YouTube - Magpul Dynamic Carbine 2 class in Los Angeles CA[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Magpul Carbine I Training/October 18, 2009/Knob Creek Gun Range, West Point, KY[/ame]

    This is Haley when he was working as a blackwater sniper assisting a USMC unit that was attacked by over 100 Mahdi Army insurgents outside Najaf Iraq.

    [ame=""]YouTube - blackwater snipers in iraq[/ame]
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    Either the Remington 870 magnum express or the Mossberg series of shotguns, you can get multiple barrels and multiple accesories for them.