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My New Xisico B-26-2 Pics

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by tfd309, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. tfd309

    tfd309 G&G Newbie

    Howdee ,
    First thing I want you to do is look very carefully at the quality of this rifle , right out of the box with nothing done to it whatsoever .
    Should be plane to see that these guys are finally listening to what the American consumer needs in his or her guns . At half the price or less than Euro guns or American guns , bonus ..............

    This is the Rekord trigger assembly copy they are putting on the gun now , very finely checkered metal , extremely well done and nicely pollished blueing . Very nice . Note how nice the wood fits and the stock finish and shaping on it too around the trigger guard assembly . This is a high quality gun . Trigger is highly adjustable by the way .


    Here's the cheekrest side of the gun , very nice finish , and one really nice grain pattern in the cheekrest area that will turn into a nice highlight when I refinish it .


    Here is the other side of the rifle . Note just how well it was fitted and sanded and finished , exceptionally for sure. You don't even see this on any RWS nowadays . Whatch out Euro gun makers , someones gunnin for your bussiness !!!!


    Here's looking down the butt to the front, note how well sculpted the stocks are on the Xisico B-26-2 now . Very nice . Beeman has nothing on this gun . Matter of fact it is done better than the Beeman in my opinion .


    And here is the scope set-up , pretty decent , especially for the price.


    This is a gunsmith and tuners dream rifle , already very high quality , very straight , very nicely done all the way through already . Now its time to trick her out !!!
    This one is in .22 .
    For $209.00 USA dollars for the entire package , you can't touch this rifle in quality with any gun , Euro or American , not even close when dollars and doghnuts are concerned .
    Can't wait till my Xisico B-51 PCP in .22 gets here this Wednesday . If its anything like this , it is going to be awsome ...

    Good luck , enjoy the pics , time to tune and build !!!!! This one is getting the works , grip caps , fore-end caps , Pachmayer recoil pad, sling and swivels, everything !!!! Its worth it ...

  2. eugene

    eugene G&G Newbie

    wow thats the best looking air rifle i have ever seen
  3. eugene

    eugene G&G Newbie

    realy im not kidding
  4. 29er savoy

    29er savoy G&G Addict

    i have been considering adding a chi com air gun to my collection but your photo's have me convinced to get a b-26, it looks to be a quality build, who did you purchas it from. it really looks great ,,congrats..
  5. tfd309

    tfd309 G&G Newbie



    This one came from Best Airguns , have gotten a few from them now , some others from Pyramid Air , Compessaco , James Kitching , the list goes on . This one though has been the best quality that I have seen in Chinese guns though , bare that in mind . They have obviously stepped up to the plate and are offering serious competition to the other manufacturers , finally .
    Good luck and let me know how it goes for you , I hope it is as good as this one ...
    I hear the B-40 and B-30-1 and B-50 and B-51 are built as well or better thna this mdoel B-26-2 as well .
    They certainly are a Tuners and Gunsmiths dream though reguardless .

    Cheers, Boken
  6. BUTCHER45

    BUTCHER45 G&G Newbie

    The Chinese certainly are really making some noise in the air rifle world. The quality for the price point is reported to be as good as it gets. Their B-50 PCP rifles have a loyal following with airgun modders.

    Should anyone be in the market for a Chinese air rifle, check out Adventures in Airguns. I can vouch for their excellent customer service, and this outfit is selling BAM rifles fully tuned by Mike Melick for a super deal.

    The Melick-tuned BAM B-26 offered here goes for $200. That is a sweet deal! This one doesn't have the thumbhole stock, but I'm confident that it can be ordered here as well if requested.

    Crosman 600, 400, 101, 102, Giffard, Lewis and Clark, Quackenbush, DAQ, | Adventures in Airguns
  7. tfd309

    tfd309 G&G Newbie

    Wow baby !!


    29ER Savoy , you think that B-26-2 is nice , wait till I post the pics of this new B-51 PCP Thumb-Hole I just went and picked up from UPS this morning . My oh my !!! Nice and light too , allot less weight than the B-26-2 which surprised me .
    Cool looking rifle for sure . Will post some pics pretty soon , hopefully today or tonight .
    Rifle with 3x9x40mm scope and one peice mount in .22 cal was $385 to my door basically . Bargain for the quality , but you'll see that soon enough .
    Time to build !!!!

    Cheers, Boken :banana:
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