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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by tippmann7, May 5, 2008.

  1. tippmann7

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    well iv narrowed my next purchase down to either a remington 770 in .300win mag or a savage 111F in .270. i will probably have both eventualy but as of now im only getting one. any thoughts on what one to get first?
  2. Midas

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    The Savage is fine, but please stay away from the 770, it is nothing but a POS

  3. tippmann7

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    iv heard that before about alot of the remington models, i realy like savages tho so i might just get a .300 in that but il have to look around
  4. Midas

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    It seems that Remington firearms have really declined in quality over the past few years. The Savage line of rifles may not look as pretty, but they don't cost as much, and will do the job just as well as any Remington.
  5. Bravo

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    I am a huge Remington fan, but I cannot recommend the Remington M770. The savage is better than the 770, but I would recommend a Remington M700 SPS over the savage.

    Look into the SPS line, they come in just about every practical caliber:

    Remington Model 700™ SPS™
  6. meatloaf

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    If you buy a remmington get the model 700. I have heard nothing but bad things about the 770.
  7. tippmann7

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    i talked to a friend today and he also said to get the remington 700 except he said i should get a .308 instead of a .300
  8. .280Rem

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    I guess the rules about bad mouthing certain guns just applies to me huh?

    You can't bad mouth a model of gun like that here and not get jumped for it. Some people are touchy about that kind of thing.
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  9. I vote savage. I haven't heard many good things about the Remington 770.
  10. Midas

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    Trust me, I receive private messages all the time, from people telling me how ignorant I am :09:
  11. Bravo

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    We're not bad mouthing the M770 for just any reason. The gun has serious flaws. Remington knows this, they even changed the model number from 710 to 770 in an attempt to save the gun.

    I've witnessed the gun fail, in that the bolt stopped extracting spent cartridges. I've also seen the same gun not fire because of a light firing pin.

    I don't think the model 700 has ever had these problems.

    Yes and yes. The M700 is a rifle that you will buy and love to shoot for a long time. Cartridge type is your choice.

    What are you going to do with it? If you don't plan on hunting anything bigger than Elk, then definitely get the .308. It is cheaper to buy, easier on the shoulder, and more available.

    As a result, you will be able to practice more, not flinch as much, and be a more accurate shooter. Remington M700's in .308 work pretty well. Ask police and SWAT snipers :D
  12. .280Rem

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    +1 on the M700. And cartridge choice is up to to you. Think about splitting the diff and going 30-06 even. Or something other than 30 cal. What you gonna do with it mostly? Whitetails? Go 7-08.

    In this case you happen to be right on...the 770s are like having polished the 710 turd.

    By the way to the OP, if that price point of the 770 is important, seriously consider the Tikka T3 Lite. I bought one in 270WSM because they were on sale for like $269, or $279, and I played with it. Scary accurate with facatory ammo right out of the box. I got rid of it though as I just never seemed to reach for it to go hunting.
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  13. Have you fired a the Win Mag?

    If you have not fired a .300 Win Mag I would advise doing so before making the purchase as this is a pretty stiff dose of recoil and muzzle blast. I once had one and the most I ever fired it at one time was 9 shots from a bench at a shooting range.
  14. Tater

    Tater Guest

    I have a remington 770 in 7mm mag and I absolutely love the gun. All of the bad reports ive read about, and i guess om fairly lucky. I have never had any problems out of it. Its a tack driving SOB! I shoot it quite frequently (every weekend) and keep er cleaned.

    One of my only complaints is that the recoil pad is simply unforgiving. The 7mag is tolerable, but im also 6'3 220 lbs. Anything over that in the 770 would seem to me like a shoulder breaker, and in time would develope a flinch. I had a local gunsmith order me a better recoil pad for it, and its not to bad.
  15. Bman1221

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    Just got an ar-30 in 300 Win Mag, muzzle blast is extremely loud with the muzzle brake but recoli is less than a 308, little heavy and bulky to hunt with but great on the 200 and 300 yd range
  16. Midas

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    Just out of curiosity, what was I wrong about?
  17. .280Rem

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    I got piled on hard in another thread for calling Mosin Nagant's POS's. I was just making a joke. :burnout:
  18. Ron AKA

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    I think your 270 is a better choice than either the .308 or .300WM. In my view the .308 is somewhat underpowered for big game, while the .300WM is quite a bit overpowered (read recoil).

    I was at the range the other day with both my 264WM's. This is essentially the same case as the .300 but bullet sizes are smaller. I can't say mine are real pleasant to shoot, but they get the job done in the field. I would estimate the .300WM will have about 30% more recoil than my .264. The 270 should be a bit less than the .264 depending on bullet weight.

    I think the cartridge choice is more important than the gun choice. Either a Remington 700 or Savage are nice solid guns.

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    Glad I'm not the only one.