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    I've launched myself into the quest of reloading for my Dutch Beaumont, so I've been diddling around with chamber & bore castings using Cerrosafe. All I'm waiting for is reloading components for that beast. So what to play with next?

    Last trip to the range I had the Long Branch along and I wasn't too impressed with our performance. I managed to hit the targets out to 300 yards, but a skinny German may very well have survived that day. Even my blond Fazakerley has accuracy issues and both of these rifles are real lookers, but my old wire wrapped Ishapore G+F is more accurate than either No. 4. A while back I'd slugged their bores with lead sinkers and both groove diameters were

    I poured a slug of Cerrosafe into each of their muzzles today. I still can't believe the results. The Fazakerley has five groove rifling, so I wrapped a business card around the slug, measured the diameter, then subtracted double the thickness of the card stock. .317'' for the Fazakerley.

    The Long Branch was a total surprise. My old analog calipers kept giving me a .319-20'' reading and the digital kept giving a .3215'' reading. How it managed to poke holes in a target at 300 yards, I'll never understand.

    I may try to reload some .32 Winchester bullets for the Long Branch, not sure what to do for the Fazakerley. I hope I fair better with the Beaumont. DSCN3007hgh.jpg 001.JPG

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    Worn bores, or the vagaries of wartime production? I am amazed at those readings! That one rifle might be able to use Mauser .319 bullets!

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    I have to chalk it up to war time production. The bores are shiny and the rifling is sharp. I've an old reloading manual floating around that recommends slugging the bore because of wartime production. Makes me wonder how many soldiers were thumped in the back of the head before these rifles finally found a home in a dark corner of the armory.

    Mauser bullets at .319"? Where might I find these little pills?

    These are groups fired out to 200 yards using .312' 150 gr. Hornadys. At least they never keyholed.

    1f0a8671-e93a-4501-ac3c-40cf3e365b4e_zpsf33d5534.jpg 449a5faf-277b-4bc4-9449-057b45dc821e_zpse2f4878e.jpg
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    Can't wait to see the Beaumont's range report!
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    Fwiw - I'm considering having the barrel of my 1917 SMLE No. 1 Mk.III rebored to .35-303 caliber. I hear it's a good fix for saving these old Enfields.
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    The reloading components are in the mail. Then I need to borrow a friend's 45/70 re-sizing die.
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    Could always bore one out to .410, and make it a shotty....... :rolleyes: