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  1. I used to collect Sako Rifles Years ago. I still think that they are Great Rifles although a bit Heavy. I only kept my Favorite Sako, the remainder were sold off to Finance other guns.
    The Lone Survivor is an AV 30-06 full stock. It is wearing a Leupold 3-9 Scope. It was too pretty to drag through the Woods so it has been stored at the back of my safe for years. Sako 06.jpg
  2. Dutch

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    I have a single Sako, but it is unfortunately chambered for .222.

    Working from memory I want to say it's an L461. It's plenty accurate, and is a nice light package.

    The Sako rifles I've handled all shot very well.

    I'd much rather have one chambered for .06 than .222.
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  3. cjleete

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    I have an AV in 30-06. Fiberglass stock.
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    Looks like good ole beautiful wood and deep bluing. I would definitely keep it myself.
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    Just be careful in the wood and use a good case. Those "Sockoes" are made to be shot..
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  6. cjleete

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    I have an AV with a McMillan stock, wears a Leopold 3-9. 30-06
    Fine rifles
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