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Discussion in 'New Shooters' started by likeaboss, Aug 24, 2010.

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    so I've been checking out some fellow firearms enthusiasts lately around the web, and I've found a guy who says some pretty passionate things.

    A Shamless Plug Daniel Shoots Stuff

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    not a fan I take it? lol.
  3. Nope...not after his false DMCA claims, complaining about a few ounces here and there, unnecessarily long videos, not being able to take criticism ect..ect..ect. I like to refer to TNP as The Nazi Project. :shrug:
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    the videos are unnecessarily long agreed, and he does have the tendency to go a bit overboard at times, but all in all i think he is a decent rep for gun enthusiasts, I like how safety oriented he is. What is this about the DMCA? I haven't heard of that. would you have a link to pass along to me?
  5. DMCA means Digital Millennium Copyright Act. I believe on youtube it is OK to use clips of peoples videos for criticizing and things such as that. So some people took parts of nutnfancy's videos and they criticized them. Well nutnfancy apparently didn't like that so he flagged them and get them taken down for copyright...even though it was perfectly ok for people to do it. When you go to click on one of the videos that was taken down by nutnfancy it said Copyright of Richard Hewitt LLC. Which is nutnfancy's name. And LLC means Limited Liability Company......that means that "The Nutnfancy Project" is his buisiness, so anybody criticizing him is basically attacking his buisiness. :happysad: