My two new Ruger American rifles: a few concerns

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  1. After reading the Ruger manual (both models use the same exact book) cover to cover, I decided to see how my rifles cycled cartridges. The Predator has to be slammed vigorously to chamber a round but the Ranch chambers a round with much less force.

    I emailed a couple of messages to Ruger at their corporate site as follows to address my concerns and I will keep you posted later as to their replies:

    Hello, about my new [Predator] rifle: I find that I have to close the bolt hard and snap the bolt handle down smartly to effectively chamber a [6.5 Creedmoor] round from the magazine. Pushing the bolt closed slowly may cause the bolt handle to not want to rotate downward. The bolt closes slowly easily without any ammunition. Also, if the bolt doesn't rotate downward to put the gun into battery, a cartridge may get stuck in the chamber and fail to extract. To get the round out, I have to slam the bolt closed, rotate the handle into battery then extract the round. Is this normal for a new Ruger American rifle with a push-feed bolt to require some vigor on the part of the gun's operator to chamber a round reliably? Not much vigor is required to extract and eject the round from battery. I was using Hornady American Whitetail factory loads in 129 grain InterLock bullets. Being a push-feed firearm, I was holding the rifle upright and level while trying to chamber a round.

    Hello: about my two new Ruger American Rifles, Predator (serial number 690532943) in 6.5 Creedmoor and Ranch (serial number 690547054) in 5.56 NATO. The manual does not cover tightening the piece on the muzzle end of the barrel nor explain the purpose of it. What are the muzzle pieces that screw on called and may I tighten them myself? What is the proper tool? I received both rifles new recently with this piece loose. Should choke lube or oil be used on the threads to inhibit rust?

    Meanwhile, I will be installing a new scope (Leupold, Bushnell 1 each) on each Ruger rifle, both with the exact same Leupold Rifleman detachable 1" matte medium-height rings since both American rifles have pic rails) and bore sighting it according to GunBlue's instructions:

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