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    Bought this Underwood from an old fella I worked with. Said his uncle had sent it home from the Pacific during WW11. Bought it for $50.

    Here is what I know, am looking for any additional info. plus if there is any value in the carbine.

    1. Serial # 25874**
    2. Barrel is marked Underwood 12-43, flaming ball and the letter P
    3. Mag. release is marked AU
    4. Type 1 band, no lug
    5. Type 2 hand gaurd marked PU on the underside
    6. Push Pull safety
    7. Stock has two marks. PU in the sling well with a rectangle and
    logo and UEF
    8. Flip sight marked SU
    9. S coded receiver
    10. Believe the carbine was made for Underwood by the United Shoe Machinery Co.
    11. Low wood stock
    12. Square end of operating slide on the bottom is the letter F (most likely an inspection mark)
    13. Has a .U. on the back of the mag. well, just below the bolt

    I do not believe this carbine has went thru any rebuild...

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    It certainly doesn't sound like it went through any up-grades. What markings did you find on the trigger group(hammer, sear, trigger and safety [if any]? And yes, it is United Shoe Machinery Co.