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I hate not having full magazine function of my weapons, that's why I run featureless. Even my USAF carbine clone was featureless. Today, I broke down and installed a Juggernaut Hellfighter kit (makes it a fixed mag, legal California rifle, thus allowing evil features) and changed it into a GAU-5/A/A like I had in the USAF in the late 70s. Basically, the GAU is the USAF version of the XM177, though it lacks a forward assist, just like the USAF 601, 602, and 604 Model Colts.

I got a slip-over faux-XM moderator from Sherluk, so I still have the full 16" for velocity. I ditched the fin grip, and put a reproduction 2 position coated Aluminum collapsible stock from ACE. The grip is an original A1 grip with a cloisonné USAF medallion embedded in it. That is the only part left from a 1989 project of mine to produce commemorative USAF carbines that was killed off by the Stockton school yard massacre and Patrick Purdy

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