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    It may come to a shock to everyone here, but last Saturday, after plenty of shooting at inanimate objects, I shot my first animal. It was a chipmunk in a friend's forest. A bunch of them were running around, he got one, then I did. I used my 12ga Mossberg 500 with polychoke, twisted up to improved cylinder. He used his 12ga Rem 870 with full choke. We both used 2.75" Federal 8 shot game loads. Both were shot at about the same distance, around 15-20 paces. When I picked them up, I could see how much cleaner mine was for having used the wider spread. Both were pretty much intact, though. I'm wondering what to do with them. I'd like to eat them, but I don't think they got to the freezer soon enough (several hours). Maybe I'll practice skinning and gutting them so that next time I'll be better prepared. Any suggestions?
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    I've never tried Chipmunk, as their kinda scarce down here, but I would expect they'd be sort of like squirrel. I like to use a .22, as I hate biting on a shot pellet. Try it in some brown gravy with rice. The gamey taste isn't as noticeable as with frying.

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    Not to be anal, but watch your regs. (don't want to see you post on how you got busted) If you go out with the intention to kill food in season during hot weather field dress immediately and get the animal iced down. This is what we do during late summer squirrel season. Varmits, coyotes etc. are about the only thing suitable to leave out to rot. And even the skins can be recovered if your into that. If it's not a nuciense varmit or if it's out of season let 'em go.
  4. Are you that hard up for food?

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    Whats the matter Alan, you won't eat Chip and Dale?
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    #1 reason was pest control. Skinning and such was secondary. I'll end up using these ones to practice skinning and such, as I doubt they're good for anything anymore. I just don't like the idea of shooting something and just leaving it there. Might as well do something productive with it.
  7. Hey NRA!

    Watch the Dale comments..dang...LOL.
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    Congratulations! I guess you have to start somewhere. I always thought chipmunks were kinda cute. Not enough meat to bother. You should get you a 'bird' barrel and just go out in a field, plenty of blackbirds and sparrows. It's good practice too...and totally legal. If you wanna practice skinning/cleaning you'd be better off shooting a rabbit. The problem with shooting these little hairy critters this time of year is all the parasites and insects living on them. Should always wait til after the first freeze. For Varmint control...just blast away and have fun!
  9. Chip and Dale-- those are cartoon characters--aren't they-- please tell me yes. Man you had me going. I thought I screwed up on the BarBeQue.
    Never mind that was the cat. Never could distinguish those furry little animals--. Tastes like chicken.:D :D
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    Sorry Dale...LOL
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    First animal I killed was a groundhog whose back was broken by my dog.Weapon used to put the poor creature out of its misery:a hockey stick.
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    First animal my shooting buddy ever killed, he was twelve, and a turkey somehow escaped from a farm truck. He saw it out front of his place, and it was nearly Thanksgiving. He couldn't find shells for his .410. He ended up doing 'the deed' with his 'Louisville Slugger'! He says it tasted pretty good when his mother cooked it up. :kinky: